Who Won Head of Household on Big Brother Last Night? 8/31/2017

Tonight on Big Brother 19, Alex Ow or Kevin Schlehuber really need to win the Head of Household competition. Raven Walton may be the sole survivor of the showmance game massacre, but she is in a safe position. No one sees Raven as a threat. Therefore, she’ll probably skate on by to the Big Brother 19 final four. Alex, Jason Dent, and Kevin are right in the line of fire, and two of them have no clue about it.

Big Brother 19 Julie Chen Head of Household

Jason and Alex, like Matt Clines and Rave this week, have no clue that Paul Abrahamian has set them up to go home. Alex falsely believes that next on the chopping block is either Kevin or Raven. The only way Kevin goes home is if Alex doesn’t throw this week’s Head of Household. However, Alex has become too comfortable. She will most likely throw the HOH to Josh Martinez.

Josh has been instructed to get Alex or Jason out of the Big Brother this week. So we expect a Josh Head of Household win, and a Jason or Alex eviction. Will things go as planned on Big Brother 19?



There was a rain delay, so we didn’t get to see tonight’s Head of Household winner. We’re waiting for it to begin. It’s likely the racing HOH competition, where they can’t run until the see a certain word.

In a strange turn of events, it does seem like it was the Ready, Set, Whoa HOH and….Christmas Abbot won it! We’re trying to piece together how she won.

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