Big Brother 19-9/03/17- Recap: The Puppet Master Pulls Off His Best Trick

If you thought Paul Abrahamian couldn’t possibly control his minions inside the Big Brother 19 house anymore, think again!  Paul may have just pulled off one of the most strategically planned Head of Household competitions that Big Brother viewers have seen in years.  He managed to completely manipulate, all to his advantage, six different Big Brother 19 houseguests and come away with no blood on his hands.

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian

As we know, Paul has been in control since day one. Why should anything change now?

A few days before this week’s HOH competition, Paul began to set his plan in motion.  This was a complex plan that was dependent on several different variables to achieve success. Once the mastermind set his sights on Jalex (Jason Dent and Alex Ow) for eviction, there was not much anyone could have done to stop Paul’s plan.

Paul’s complicated plan for this week started with Christmas Abbott winning the HOH, so that she could go after Jalex for eviction. This way Paul was free from any blood on his hands. In addition, the plan would not work unless Alex thought Kevin Schlehuber was the backdoor target. So here we go:

  1. Convince Christmas and Josh Martinez to target Jalex for eviction this week. This was contingent upon Paul working his magic so that all the other Big Brother 19 houseguests threw the HOH comp to Christmas.
  2. Persuade Kevin to be the first houseguest to throw the HOH competition. Paul must do this while not explaining any of his reasoning or plans with Kevin. No one trusts Kevin, and that is why he had to be the first houseguest to drop from the comp.
  3. Tell Alex that he has Kevin talked into throwing the comp to Christmas, so that she is the second to drop from the comp.  Alex completely trusts Paul, and as long as she thinks Kevin is being eliminated, Alex is onboard.
  4. Talk to Raven Walton and explain that Kevin and Alex are dropping from the comp. Raven agrees to drop as long as Alex and Kevin have been eliminated. Raven wants revenge this week, and Paul has told her Jalex is the target.

Whew, that is a whole bunch of moving parts for Paul to manipulate this week. Not only are there a ton of possibilities for this to blow up in his face, but what would happen if the houseguests started comparing Paul stories? Unfortunately we will never know the answer to that question.

The HOH competition is titled ‘Ready, Set, Whoa.’ Houseguests must line up at the start line with their hands on two buzzers in their lane.  Once they see the “Go” sign on the board, they must run to the finish line as fast as they can to push their buzzer. The last houseguest to finish each round was eliminated.  If a houseguest has a false start by lifting their hands off the start buzzers, they are immediately eliminated.

Big Brother 19 HOH

This competition didn’t take too long to complete. Ironically, there was not one single houseguest that ran down their lane to the finish line, not even once. Kevin false started first round, then Alex, then Raven, then Josh…just as Paul had planned. This meant that Christmas, the girl with a broken foot in a cast, just won the footrace competition. This may be a Big Brother first.

Paul’s plan could not have worked out any better for him. Christmas is the new HOH, and Jason is the target for eviction. In addition, Alex offered Christmas to be a pawn for her. Christmas couldn’t believe how easily this week played out for her.

At the nomination ceremony, Christmas explained that Alex has been nominated but would be a pawn. Next, Christmas named Jason to the block. Rather than playing games and pretending that Jason is another pawn, Christmas explained that Jason is a triple threat and needs to be eliminated from the game. Jason is shocked because he expected Kevin to be Christmas’s target.

Big Brother 19 Block Nominees

Who will win the Power of Veto? Can Jason save himself from the block? Tune into Big Brother 19 on Wednesday evening for all the details, or join us Thursday morning for another recap.

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