Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 65 Highlights: Josh, Not Ready to Back Down

Yesterday’s Big Brother 19 live feeds were all about Josh Martinez trying to save his game. For weeks now, Josh has caught on to Paul Abrahamian’s game being less about ‘us’ and more about ‘I,’ but Josh hasn’t really taken action to actively change his Big Brother 19 game fate. He constantly talked to Christmas Abbott about his concerns, but she just dismissed them. Yesterday was the first day Josh was relentless in trying to stop Paul from making a move that only benefited his Big Brother game.

Big Brother 19 Josh MArtinez and Paul Abrahamian

Into the very late hours of the night, Josh, Christmas, and Paul talked to find a plan that they agreed benefited everyone, not just Paul. We’re not sure if Josh having a mind of his own will help his Big Brother 19 game or move him higher up on Paul’s hit list. We’ll have to wait and see how this all turns out for Josh.

The Raven Effect

Big Brother 19 Raven Walton and Paul Abrahamian

Paul seems to have this false notion that Raven Walton could beat him in the end. He believes she would have the sympathy votes of Mark Jansen, Elena Davies, and Cody Nickson. Then she would have Matt Clines’s vote as her showmance partner. This is the main reason Paul wants to evict Raven before the final four.

Meanwhile, once again, the Big Brother houseguests also spent a lot of time discussing Raven’s wild stories. They mentioned how there is no way Raven could be alive and have so many illnesses. They also said her nutrition issues are probably due less to gastroparesis and more due to her poor diet choices.

The Anti-Kevin Brigade Continues

Big Brother 19 Kevin Schlehuber and Jason Dent

Big Brother announced that there would be no Have-Nots for the rest of the season. To celebrate, people ate, and ate a lot. At one point, Raven asked everyone if they wanted a sandwich. She purposely ignored Kevin Schlehuber, so he complained to Jason Dent about this behavior. Eventually someone (Paul, I believe) told Christmas that Kevin was talking crap about her, saying she didn’t make him food.

Christmas then confronted Kevin, who used Jason as a character witness. Despite Kevin promises Christmas that he said nothing about her, she didn’t believe him. Then Raven found out she was the real person who Kevin was talking about not making him food. She also confronted him.

We may be in for another week of people ‘confronting’ Kevin.

Josh Is Not Giving Up That Easily

Big Brother 19 Christmas Abbott and Josh Martinez

Once again, Josh expressed his concerns about Paul to Christmas. Once he realized she wasn’t listening to him, Josh walked away. This lead to Christmas passive aggressively scolding him. Eventually, Josh told the cameras how frustrated he was with the whole situation. If things played out like Paul wanted, then he had no chance to win Big Brother 19.

Josh tried to talk to Paul to change the plan, but Paul kept saying that Josh was being stupid for not trusting him. He didn’t think Josh was playing strategic or playing well at all. According to Paul, this was the best plan to get out Jason without getting too much blood on their hands.

After a long day of trying to get his point across, Josh finally got Christmas and Paul to agree to let him tell Alex Ow and Jason at the very last minute that he would vote out Jason. This way, he could get a little credit for warning them, and it would not be a complete blindside.

We will have to wait to see if Paul really lets Josh warn Jason on Thursday.

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