Big Brother 19: Did CBS Handle the Raven Lies Segment in a Satisfying Manner? (POLL)

The ‘Raven Exposed Party’ has been a Twitter hashtag nearly the entire Big Brother 19 summer. Fans have gathered information to refute Raven Walton’s various claims about illnesses, achievements, and state of her affairs. It has almost become an inside joke among the Big Brother 19 community. It wasn’t really until this week that the Big Brother houseguests begun also discussing Raven’s lies.

Big Brother 19 Raven Walton

A few players here and there mentioned not believing some of Raven’s stories, but for the most part, Big Brother 19 players worried too much about the repercussions of speaking negatively about a terminally ill person. Then CBS basically ignored Raven on two occasions: a random Q&A on Thursday’s Big Brother live eviction, and the Friday season recap episode.

This seemed to clue the Big Brother houseguests that Raven might not be that popular on the outside. The houseguests then began to openly express their annoyance with her, and their disbelief of so many of her illnesses and stories. CBS fully leaned into the bad Raven edit on Sunday.

Sunday’s Big Brother episode showed a segment on all her lies. Instead of making it a serious issue, they took the lighthearted approach, making it comical that she lies so much. Of course, Big Brother Live Feed watchers know there may be a dark side to Raven’s lies, especially if she is using them to scam people out of money.

Big Brother 19 Raven Walton

That aside, it was interesting that CBS chose to expose Raven’s lies at all, because it wasn’t something needed to further the storyline on Big Brother 19. It was also not something the fans were pressuring CBS about showing. So we’re not exactly sure why CBS had their own Raven Exposed Party on air. But we did find it overall a very enjoyable segment.

However, some would say that CBS should have exposed more of her lies, or took a more serious approach to them. Others would argue that Big Brother showed just enough of Raven’s lies to let casual viewers in on the joke. So how do you feel about CBS’s Raven Exposed Party? Was justice served? Vote and comment below!

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