Who Got Voted Off Big Brother 15 Tonight? 9/5/2013

Was Amanda Zuckerman finally the HouseGuest who got voted off Big Brother tonight? After weeks and weeks of everyone in the house being too afraid to go after her? Or did she manage to swing a last minute save with the help of a formerly hated enemy? We have the Big Brother spoilers on tonight’s double eviction results to share! Find out who went home on Big Brother tonight (or to Jury House anyway) and who now reigns as the new Head of Household for week 11!

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After McCrae Olson won the Power of Veto Competition this week and left showmance girlfriend Amanda standing on the eviction block, we were almost 100 percent certain she was doomed. With the new Exterminators Alliance of Spencer Clawson, GinaMarie Zimmerman, Andy Herren and Judd Daughtery secretly controlling the vote as a block, we thought there was no way she could possibly escape.

And then, out of nowhere, one of Amanda’s nemesis, Elissa Slater, suddenly hatched a plan to save her former enemy. We had such major whiplash, we couldn’t even see straight! Surely, we thought, she must be lying to Amanda and will not actually vote for her? Then she gave Amanda her wedding ring to prove her loyalty. Even so, we thought, that ring has got to be fake! (Elissa’s sister, Rachel Reilly said it was…) So what the hell was going on?

And would Andy, who swore to Amanda he would vote to keep her too, keep his word to The Exterminators that he would betray her? We waited in crazy anticipation to find out who exactly would end up getting blindsided in the first eviction of the night… and who would follow them out the door to the Jury House in the second round. If you’re ready to find out too, just keep on scrolling past our SPOILER ALERT! banner below to find out!

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Host Julie Chen tells the HouseGuests that tonight is the 500th episode and to celebrate, it will be the second double eviction of the season. And we’re racing right along to the first one with final pleas from Spencer and Amanda.

Spencer gives a shout out to friends and family and says it has been an awesome summer. He says he hopes they won’t let the dream end for him. Amanda says everyone in the house has become her family and she hopes they will keep her so she can help their game. That’s pretty much it.

9-5-2013 06-13-23 PMHere are the results of the first live vote:

Judd votes to evict “and exterminate” Amanda
McCrae votes to evict Spencer
Elissa votes Spencer
Andy votes to “exterminate, I mean evict” Amanda

The vote is now a tie and GinaMarie will cast the tie vote. GinaMarie votes to evict Amanda. That’s it, Amanda has been evicted from the Big Brother 15 house!

We race on to the first Head of Household Competition of the night and to make a long story short, McCrae wins. Yep, one half of the showmance will survive the night. After a few minutes of deliberation, he announces that he is nominating Elissa and GinaMarie for the second eviction of the night.

On to the Power of Veto Competition and it’s a race to get a little car through a maze. It’s a fast one and the winner is…. Judd!

In their final pleas, Elissa and GinaMarie both swear the other person was in on backdooring Judd in the last double eviction. Elissa says that Judd swore he would use the Power of Veto to save her if she was on the block and hopes he will stick to that.

Judd says he will not use the Power of Veto and the nominations will remain the same.

9-5-2013 06-55-42 PMHere are the results of the second live vote:

Spencer “gladly” votes to evict Elissa
Judd votes to evict “and exterminate” Elissa
Andy “ecstatically” votes to evict Elissa

Elissa has been voted out of the Big Brother house and will go to Jury and join Amanda.

Less than two weeks remain before the Big Brother finale… and unfortunately the second Head of Household Competition results won’t shown on CBS until Sunday. Of course, we don’t want you to have to wait, so you can flip on over to our SPOILERS post below for the scoop!

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If you have your Big Brother Live Feeds hot and ready, now is the time to tune in and watch the aftermath of this epic and awesome double eviction night going on right now. If you haven’t signed up you, you can still get in on the last month of behind-the-scenes action with a two-day free trial!


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