Who Won Big Brother 15 Head of Household For Week 11? 9/5/2013

big-brother-14-julie-chenCan’t wait to find out who won Big Brother 15 Head of Household for week 11, we have the spoilers for you from the live double eviction show!

Going into Thursday’s fast-paced, roller-coaster ride episode, we were pretty sure who would be the first person headed off to the Jury House this evening. The second eviction, however, all depended on who won Head of Household on Big Brother tonight. It’s been a wild ride folks and one of the best episodes of the season!

Before you read up on our Big Brother spoilers from Thursday night’s double eviction, we urge you to try to wait until you can see the whole episode to truly enjoy all the madness. But if you can’t wait another minute, we understand. We’ve been waiting all week long to find out who won Big Brother Head of Household… and then who won the second HoH Comp too!

We don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who doesn’t want to know, so this is your last warning that the Big Brother 15 Head of Household Competition results for week 11 are below our SPOILER ALERT warning below! Keep on scrolling if you’re ready to find out what happened!

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Tonight on Big Brother 15, we had our second double eviction of the season. This meant that the first Head of Household Competition would take place right near the beginning of the show just after the first live eviction. The new HoH would have only moments to decide who to put up as their eviction nominees before the HouseGuests moved on to the Power of Veto Competition.

9-5-2013 06-12-52 PMHere are the results of the first live vote:

Judd votes to evict “and exterminate” Amanda
McCrae votes to evict Spencer
Elissa votes Spencer
Andy votes to “exterminate, I mean evict” Amanda

The vote is now a tie and GinaMarie will cast the tie vote. GinaMarie votes to evict Amanda. That’s it, Amanda has been evicted from the Big Brother 15 house!

The first Head of Household Competition is called “Go Fetch.” The HouseGuests have to race through a dog house and under a fence to dig bones out of a pile of dirt and run them to their dog bowl. McCrae is the first to find a bone, followed by Elissa. Judd gets his first bone. McCrae has his second bone! He runs back and gets his key and… he has won Head of Household!

McCrae only has a few minutes to decide who to nominate. Finally he announces that he is putting up GinaMarie and Elissa for eviction. We move right along to the Power of Veto Competition with race cars in a maze. It’s a tight race and fast but… Judd wins!

Quick strategy session and it’s on to the PoV Ceremony. Judd says he will NOT use the PoV to save Elissa or GinaMarie from the block.

9-5-2013 06-58-39 PMHere are the results of the second live vote:

Spencer “gladly” votes to evict Elissa
Judd votes to evict “and exterminate” Elissa
Andy “ecstatically” votes to evict Elissa

Less than two weeks remain before the Big Brother finale… and unfortunately the second Head of Household Competition results won’t shown on CBS until Sunday. Of course, we don’t want you to have to wait, so we have the results for you fresh from the Live Feeds right now!

Second HoH results SPOILERS!

We don’t know exactly what happened since the competition was blocked out on the Live Feeds but we do know that the last person won who we would expect… Spencer! That’s right, the eternal floater and professional pawn is the new Head of Household. He has already promised Andy he will not go on the block. McCrae definitely will and he will no doubt be the target this week. Unless he wins Veto, McCrae is probably going to be evicted next.

If you have your Big Brother Live Feeds hot and ready, now is the time to tune in and watch the aftermath of this epic and awesome double eviction night going on right now. If you haven’t signed up you, you can still get in on the last month of behind-the-scenes action with a two-day free trial!


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