Big Brother After Dark Recap 6/26/2016

Big Brother After Dark was on last night, Sunday at 9pm PT (12am ET) and there are some showmances heating up and some good old fashioned game talk in our recap of the night’s events.

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Source: CBS Big Brother 18 Live Feeds

These recaps contain Big Brother spoilers that have not yet aired on the CBS TV show, but also offer an insight into different live camera feeds to let you know what’s going on in the house.  For more information on the Big Brother After Dark schedule, please click here.

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We will start with some fun showmance updates.  Paul Abrahamian and Bronte D’Acquisto were having a cuddle session on the couch in the living room including Paul stroking her leg and arm at times.  In addition, Paulie Calafiore and Zakiyah Everette were flirting hard in the kitchen.  Paulie even called her a “down ass chick”.

While being “cute”, Paul and Bronte start discussing other houseguests.  A large part of this conversation focuses on Paul’s strong dislike for Tiffany Rousso.  He calls her unnatural, not genuine, fake and strange while also pointing out that something is “off” with her, but he cannot tell what.  Paul claims he knew something was up since the get-go.  Unfortunately, Paul clearly does not have much Big Brother viewing experience, so he has very little chance of making the connection to Tiffany’s sister from Big Brother 17 (Vanessa Rousso).  He even went so far to say “if Tiffany won this game, I’d f*cking kill myself”.

They proceed to discuss first impressions and Bronte talks about how your initial occupation can make you an easy target, but if it comes out later what you really do, it won’t affect your game as much; however, she has not revealed to anyone that she is actually in school to be a mathematician.  Paul was most worried about being judged on the way he looks primarily because of his tattoos, piercings and hair. He was worried people would think he was an asshole or aggressive.

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They discussed Corey and whether or not he had any intelligence and Paul said that Corey was accepted into Pepperdine University, but ended up going to Texas A&M.  Paul believes that you need to have brains in order to get into these schools, athletics isn’t enough.  Bronte referred to him as the secret nerd of the house (even though she is really that person).  During this conversation, Paul revealed to Bronte that he has studied philosophy in college and plans to get his PhD.  He indicates that it changed his entire life.

In true alliance fashion, Bronte describes Natalie Negrotti to Paul as genuine, not dramatic and likely to keep her mouth shut.  She also thinks that Natalie is a strong competitor and will win a lot of Head of Household competitions.  Bronte and Natalie have an alliance with Bridgette Dunning that is called “the Spy Girls”; however, other houseguests refer to the alliance as “the trio” or “the powerpuff girls”.  It is important to note that this alliance has started to fall apart since much of the house thinks that Bridgette is flip-flopping between the two sides of the house.

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Natalie and Bronte are still extremely close, but there seems to be some distrust for Bridgette.  According to Paul, he has discussed with Victor Arroyo and Jozea Flores that Bronte and Natalie are the two women that they trust the most and want to keep close to them.

Apparently, Paul is starting to realize that Jozea is not the beloved houseguest that he thinks he is.  He realizes that Jozea is saying things that may be bothering some of the house and Paul has warned him to watch what he says.  Both he and Bronte think it makes them look bad too, since they are a part of his group.  Per the live feeds, Jozea went up to the Head of Household room and talked to Nicole Franzel.  He likely did this because of his conversation with Paul and he is trying to save face.  During this conversation, we find out from Jozea that Nicole told him that they have “bigger fish to fry”.  Jozea is wracking his brain trying to figure out who, but doesn’t want to ask.

Big Brother Live Feeds 6-26-2016

Now, let’s talk about the other side of the house!  James Huling is up in the Head of Household room talking with Da’Vonne Rogers, Tiffany, and Zakiyah Everette.  He confirms that Jozea is still the target and then one of the eight pack alliance needs to win the next HOH.  The eight pack alliance consists of the vets (James, Nicole, Da’Vonne and Frank Eudy) as well as four of the newbies (Tiffany, Zakiyah, Michelle Meyer and Corey Brooks).  Paulie Calafiore is affiliated with the alliance, but he is not aware that it has been officially formed and they do not all trust him completely.

The eight pack’s next target is Victor and since he is on James’ team (Team Unicorn), James cannot win the HOH or else Victor would be safe.  Not to mention, they also want to pick off the rest of his team (Bronte and Natalie).  James talking about throwing competitions, even though he hates to do this, even going so far as to say he would push Victor off – if it were a competition where you need to hold on.  Da’Vonne talks about a different strategy that consists of putting Victor on slop – which likely means the entire team would be on slop.  While she apologizes to James, she explains that she wants Victor to be weak going into Power of Veto so he doesn’t win and take himself off the block.

Jozea talks to Bridgette and Zakiyah and confirms that he won’t evict Frank since he thinks he is in his alliance.  Frank is in the eight pack as well as with the vets and Jozea is delusional, but Frank is playing a great game.  Jozea begins to count the votes he believes he has to evict Paulie and names Paul, Natalie, Victor, Zakiyah, Da’Vonne and Bronte.  Bronte insists that “he’s gone”, but they don’t realize that Zakiyah and Da’Vonne are not with him.  Based on his house meeting the other night (where he suggested to Da’Vonne that if “they” do something like play someone, they get their ass kicked) he may think they are all together since they are ethic minorities.

Now for a little bit of fun – unfortunately, there was not too much craziness since the houseguests were tired, but there was talk about the pixel punishment.  Paulie doesn’t understand why they need the pixels covering their butts and he would be fine with just having the front covered.  Frank suggests that he gets his ass (Eudy Booty) from his mama and also mentions that his nipples have been getting hard the last couple of nights since it’s been chilly.

Other quick highlights:

  • Paulie’s “hit list” (in eviction order): Victor, Bronte, Natalie, Bridgette and then Paul
  • Paulie said he will “lose his mind” if he gets voted out and will punch Jozea in the face, but Nicole assured him that he was safe
  • Bridgette thinks Michelle put her on the block as the replacement roadkill nominee because of the way she hugged her

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