Big Brother 15 Recap: Episode 2 — Showmances and Nominations! 6/30/2013 (VIDEO)

6-30-2013 11-28-24 PMLast time in our CBS Big Brother 15 recap of the season premiere, we were introduced to the 16 crazy people willing to spend nearly 100 days this summer locked inside of a house with a bunch of total strangers. Viewers also got a chance to watch all of them in action during the first Head of Household competition, which was eventually won by McCrae.

On Big Brother last night, new HoH McCrae got the chance to make the season’s first eviction nominations. Join us for our Big Brother 2013 recap of season 15, episode 2 and find out who the first two HGs are in danger of eviction this week!

This year on Big Brother 2013, there will be three total eviction nominations per week instead of two. We found out in the Big Brother premiere that each week America will vote for a special Most Valuable Player. The MVP, who will be told of their status anonymously, will then have the opportunity to anonymously nominate a third person of their choice for eviction. We’ll find out who that will be on Wednesday night’s episode.

For those of us who have been watching the Big Brother Live Feeds, most everything on Sunday night’s show was already old news. However, it is always fascinating to see how CBS is going to cut down all those days and days of scheming, catfighting, alliance deals and drama into just one hour of network television. Big Brother 15 cast members are often portrayed very differently on the show than they come across on the Live Feeds and very convoluted plotting and deal-making reduced to an incredibly simplistic summary.

Kicking off tonight’s CBS Big Brother 15 show, we take a brief look back at the premiere before plunging forward. After the HoH Competition last week and the reveal of the MPV twist, the 16 HouseGuests are left somewhat in shock about how everything went down. Aaryn is all over the whole MVP idea and considering our readers voted her the hottest girl in the Big Brother 2013 house by a very wide margin, we’re betting she’ll be winning that honor at some point. Jeremy thinks the girls will probably win MVP most of the time, so he needs to make sure he is friendly with all of them — really friendly.

6-30-2013 11-23-05 PMAll the single ladies in the house, of course, have to start talking about all the single guys. After all, CBS has already pushed this as a season of “showmances” and they have to start working on those plotlines! It’s no coincidence that the Big Brother 15 house is full of mostly single, mostly 20 to 30-year-old, single, attractive guys and girls. You know CBS is so pushing them to go for any romantic angle possible. Aaryn, Katilin and Jessie decide to call Nick “Big”, Jeremy “The Sailor” and David “Ken”.

Next up, everyone takes a gander at the Head of Household room for the first time. Naturally, inspired by Julie Chen mentioning Rachel Reilly when she was talking to the HouseGuests, everyone is now talking about her. Elissa Slater, who is Rachel’s sister, is really hoping people don’t figure out their relationship. Because if they do, everyone will want her out. Unfortunately for Elissa, she’s the spitting image of Rachel and some of the HGs already suspect a family connection.

Nick and Jeremy talk about who they should make alliances with and they decide to go after Howard, Spencer and McCrae. Nick starts working on putting things together and sits down with Spencer. Howard and McCrae are quickly added to the mix and now it’s a five-way alliance between Nick, Jeremy, Spencer, Howard, and McCrae. Going by the new name of The Moving Company, they start talking about who they want to go up on the eviction block. Everyone thinks David is a threat, but the nominations lean toward McCrae putting up two girls instead for maximum house drama.

We move back to the girls starting to try to pair off with the various guys. Kaitlin sets her cap for Jeremy, Aaryn is after David, and Jessie will go for basically any guy she can get but she really wants Jeremy with Nick as a possible second stringer. Amanda thinks Jessie is ridiculous and jokes that she should just hook up with McCrae. David and Aaryn move the fastest in getting “close” and she’s already turned into the controller of the two. David claims he wanted to find “love” on Big Brother and he’s totally into it. Aaryn thinks they will be an awesome “power couple” and you know she’s thinking about previous Big Brother stars Jeff and Jordan right now.

By this time quite a few people are pretty clear that Elissa is Rachel’s sister. Judd spills the beans to McCrae. Jessie shares around the information too. Aaryn is pissed that Elissa tried to hide it from everyone. She can’t believe Elissa thought people would be too stupid to figure it out. Now she wants to know what else Elissa might be hiding.

Our first Have and Have-Not Competition has arrived. Jeremy is the lucky man out because he grabbed that “Never Have Not” pass in the HoH Competition, so he won’t have to suffer all season. McCrae hosts the competition wearing a safari costume. The Big Brother 15 HouseGuests are separated into three teams and must use a floatie to go back and forth across “Lake Big Brother”, grab a soda can, float back and stack the cans. The team that is the slowest in stacking up a pyramid of 15 cans will end up as the Have-Nots.

After a lot of bad teamwork, everyone getting messy as usual, and some really stupid blunders, the team of Andy, Elissa, Helen, Howard, and Judd end up coming in last. Sucks for them! Their biggest punishment for being a Have-Not this season will be sleeping upright in airplane seats. Seriously, this could end up with HouseGuests having even more back injuries and neck problems than they did last season on those horrible tilty slab things! They also, of course, get only cold showers and have to eat slop for the next week. America can vote on whether the Have-Nots will also get either: Bologna and blue cheese, oysters and okra, or liver and lima beans.

Other alliances are starting to pop up now in the Big Brother 15 house, including a twosome between McCrae and Amanda. She thinks McCrae should nominate people who haven’t already established strong connections and already have HGs that dislike them, like Jessie.

Elissa confesses to McCrae that she is Rachel’s sister, which he already knows. He’s an admitted Big Brother superfan, so this is kind of cool to hang out with her, but he knows a bunch of HGs are already gunning for her to get evicted. This is confirmed later when Jessie, David and Aaryn all want McCrae to nominate Elissa for eviction. Aaryn still doesn’t get that pretty much everyone knows Elissa is Rachel’s sister so she keeps pounding that. Later, Nick tells McCrae that it really should be two girls that go up and maybe Elissa should be one of them, but its just most important to put up two girls.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Head of Household McCrae finally announces who will be safe and who will go up on the block. Safe are Nick, Jeremy, David, Aaryn, Kaitlin, GinaMarie, Elissa, Helen, Amanda, Andy, Howard, Spencer, and Judd. Up for eviction are Candice and Jessie. McCrae says Candice is a threat for being a strong player and Jessie is because she has good social skills (we disagree with both of those statements). Truthfully though, both girls are more disliked than liked in the house and thus good targets for McCrae to choose without pissing off too many people.

That’s a wrap for our Big Brother 2013 recap for season 15, episode 2. Join us again on Tuesday night when we find out who was voted as the first Most Valuable Player, discover who they nominated for eviction, and watch the first Power of Veto Competition!


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