Big Brother Spoilers: The Detonators Blow Themselves Up – 8/6/2014

We had a roaring evening of delicious Big Brother 16 spoilers from the Live Feeds on Tuesday night! Just like The Bomb Squad before them, The Detonators alliance has managed to blow themselves to smithereens from the inside. We do so love the drama!

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)
Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

The fun really kicked off last night around 5:00 PM BBT on the Big Brother Live Feeds. (Grab a 2-day free trial right now to go back and watch!) Derrick and Victoria are talking and Victoria says Christine told her there is a guys’ alliance and they are going to vote Jocasta out. Derrick tells her that Christine is lying to her but Victoria doesn’t think so. He says it doesn’t make sense for their to be a guys’ alliance and Christine is trying to manipulate Victoria.

Derrick’s conversation with Victoria sets the stage for the full tilt crazy about to start with The Detonators alliance of him, Zach, Frankie, Zach, and Christine.

Right before 5:30 PM BBT on the Live Feeds, the next stage of the drama unfolded. Frankie and Christine discuss a plan to tell the rest of the Houseguests about The Detonators alliance to undermine anything Zach might say as he exits the house after being evicted. Frankie is very worried that Zach will blow up the alliance. He talks about hugging and loving on Zach on Thursday before the eviction, saying that Zach looks up to him “as an older brother… or a lover… I don’t know it’s bizarre.” They plan to tell everyone that Zach initiated the idea of an alliance with them just last night solely to get “Caleb and Hayden out of the house” to cover their butts.

Frankie thinks that revealing their version of The Detonators will get Hayden and Nicole to join up with them to vote out Zach. He also thinks they can reel in Caleb the same way. Christine is on board with the idea. However, Frankie wants to discuss the idea with Derrick and Cody before they proceed.

So Frankie goes off to talk to Cody and Derrick, but Christine does not listen to him about the whole ‘waiting’ thing. Instead, just before 5:45 PM BBT on the Live Feeds, Christine goes to spill everything to Nicole. She tells her that Zach came to her, Cody, Frankie, and Derrick to form an alliance called The Detonators. The purpose was to get out Hayden and Caleb next. Christine says that she, Cody, and Derrick were there. She also says that everyone is going to vote Zach out, including Frankie and Victoria. Nicole questions why Frankie would want Zach out just over the alliance thing. Christine wiggles around answering that and assures Nicole there is more to it than just that.

Meanwhile, not aware that Christine is already outing the alliance to Nicole, Frankie talks to Derrick about the plan. Derrick thinks it could be a good idea, but he wants to make sure they include Caleb quickly so he doesn’t think he’s been lied to by him and Cody. Caleb, of course, still actually thinks The Bomb Squad is a thing even though it is so dead.

Moving on to just after 6:00 PM BBT and we have Frankie, Cody, and Derrick discussing the plan. Cody agrees to the idea. Frankie says they don’t have to tell anyone the name of the alliance. Again, he doesn’t know that Christine has already outed it, including the name. Frankie exits and Cody and Derrick confirm they think this is a good idea. They talk about telling Hayden and Nicole, unaware that Christine is already all over that and making a mess.

This is when things really start to get f**ked up. Cody goes to tell Nicole and Hayden about The Detonators story. Unfortunately, he does not know that Christine has already been at it and his story doesn’t exactly match with hers. For instance, he tells them that Christine wasn’t there when Zach came to them with the idea. He says it was him, Derrick, Zach, and Frankie late last night around the pool table. But Christine already told Nicole earlier that she was there too. He also said there wasn’t a name, but Nicole says Christine said there was one.

A bit later, Nicole tells Victoria outside that Christine cannot be trusted but don’t tell anyone she said that. Nicole says she isn’t sure about Frankie either but don’t talk about her to him either. They both agree that whatever they tell Christine goes straight to Frankie.

Just after 8PM BBT, Cody talks about Zach and the alliance again and Christine tries to bait him about the name of the alliance. Cody tells her that Frankie and Christine are playing both sides of the house.

Later in the evening around 8:15 PM BBT, Cody, Derrick, Hayden, and Nicole all gather in the HoH room to discuss Zach and the alliance. Again, Cody and Derrick’s story clashes with what Christine has already said. Cody says that Frankie told Christine about the alliance proposal, but Christine had said she was present. Derrick and Cody say they didn’t have an alliance name and then backtracked but didn’t say what it was. Nicole tells them Christine told her it had a name. Obviously, Nicole and Hayden are now starting to get that something very wrong is going on.

Just before 9PM BBT, Hayden continues to spread distrust of Christine to Victoria. He tells her that Christine and Frankie should not be trusted at all. She says she knows. He says Christine has been spreading the rumor that he has been hooking up with Victoria. Victoria mentions Christine saying there was a guy’s alliance. Hayden says Christine told Nicole that he and her were making out. Victoria says that is insane.

Around 9:30 PM BBT, Frankie, Christine, Hayden, and Nicole meet up in the HoH room and Frankie now gives his version of the Zach and the alliance story.  Again, there are inconsistencies that are just too obvious. Hayden pointedly asks if Christine was on hand when Zach proposed the alliance. Christine again says that she was there. (Hayden points out the discrepancy to Nicole later.)

At the pool table, Derrick tells Cody that Christine spilled about the Zach plan to Nicole immediately and didn’t wait for them. They seem to think the whole story thing went well anyway, even with the slip-ups and clashes between stories.  So clueless.

Around 2AM BBT, Cody tells Derrick that he is pissed off at Frankie and Christine. He wants Christine out, even before Donny. (And the alliance continues to implode…)

Zach asks Cody if he is safe this week and he tells him that he totally is.

Hayden tells Cody that he caught Christine in a lie about the Zach and the alliance story. Hayden says he doesn’t trust Christine or Frankie.

Just before the Houseguests go to bed, Derrick and Frankie tell Caleb they are going to vote against Zach this week. Caleb says he is on board with that. They don’t do the whole story about Zach and the alliance thing but Derrick implies that Zach has been trying to start something. Derrick says Zach might throw everyone under the bus at the eviction. Caleb says if Zach starts up, he will get in his face and just start talking over him.

So basically by the end of the night, The Detonators had managed to blow themselves up very nicely, even if they think they are managing to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. Christine is most at fault for not keeping her mouth shut until everyone was on board with the plan and had their story details worked out. The alliance is coming apart at the seams, they just don’t see how bad it is yet.

Hayden and Nicole can’t help but have a pretty strong believe now that they are being manipulated. They are pretty clear that Frankie and Christine are lying to them. Their response is to spread distrust of Frankie and Christine to everyone they can. Cody and Derrick so far have escaped being branded as total liars, but it could be only a matter of time before Haycole gets that The Hitmen are screwing with them to.

To add a bit more facepalming to all of it, the whole problem behind all of this is that The Detonators are turning against one of their own in evicting Zach. When, in truth, they could have kept Zach this week and saved him for a later target while they pick off anyone not in their alliance first.

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