Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: Tuesday Live Feeds Report – 8/5/2014

Not a huge amount of fresh Big Brother spoilers coming out of the Live Feeds on Tuesday. Unless something drastic happens between now and Thursday, it looks like the eviction is already set. All that remains to be seen is how exactly the vote will go down. Will it be a unanimous blindside? Or will we end up with a split vote? That’s still a bit up in the air.

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)
Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

When we left off in our last Big Brother Live Feeds report, the Houseguests had all finally crawled into bed with Cody and Derrick the last ones to crash shortly after 6AM. Most of the talk throughout the day behind Zach’s back was all about voting him out. It seems nearly impossible that he won’t go home, but the house still seems a bit unsure as yet if it will be another unanimous vote to evict.

9:45 AM – Big Brother gives the wakeup call and the Houseguests start stirring. Cody and Christine do a little dancing to the wakeup music and then go back inside. Hayden is pleased with the song choices this morning, which included “Down With The Sickness” by Disturbed and some Korn. Frankie tells Victoria he liked Miley Cyrus better. Donny wants them to play some Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Donny asks Hayden if he’s had a chance to talk to Caleb about voting Zach out. Hayden says yes, but it isn’t easy to change Caleb’s mind.

10:45 AM – Hayden jokes with Nicole in the HoH room that she could talk in her HoH blog about how much she and Hayden hate Victoria. Victoria jabs back at him from the HoH bathroom. She talks about how everyone said she was so rude and demanding at the beginning of the season. Hayden says Victoria is the dramatic princess in the house. They tease back and forth for a bit.

11:20 AM – Victoria tells Hayden she would like to discuss something later. He says okay. When she leaves, he and Donny laugh about it. Hayden says he hates that Zach is going to go home. Donny talks about how Zach always hugged him when he went up on the block and he’s good TV. Hayden says he would like to see Frankie out. Donny says Frankie doesn’t like him. They both agree Derrick is smart and persuasive.

Hayden and Donny talk about how weird it is to them that Christine and Cody are always touching because she’s married. Hayden says Christine touches Derrick a lot too. He thinks that it is weird to touch a married woman like that. He thinks all the touchy-feely stuff might be Christine trying to work the guys.

12:00 PM – Now this is just wrong. Victoria uses tweezers to trim Hayden’s nose hairs while he tears up. This is too weird. Victoria goes after his eyebrows too. Christine comes in and they talk about childbirth pain and Hayden pretends to breathe like he’s having a baby.


Hayden then asks Christine how far along she was in her pregnancy. Christine says she was 8 weeks but couldn’t get an appointment until she was 11 weeks. It was a blessing… and the Live Feeds cut out. We have certainly missed some conversation somewhere that this was in reference to…

12:25 PM – Time for Nicole to take her Head of Household pictures. Victoria refuses to be photographed on one side because she says she has a defect to her face. Christine thinks she’s crazy. Nicole runs out of photo ideas and starts taking pictures of some of the Houseguests in bed.

1:15 PM – Caleb talks about his alleged bipolar ex-girlfriend, which is at least better than him talking about Amber again. He tells a story about how she was in the hospital and he didn’t leave her side for a week, not even to shower. He says she told him he was the best boyfriend ever and then broke up with him the next day. Donny says it sounds like a country song.

Victoria asks Hayden if they can talk now and they head outside. Victoria apparently needs to talk about being viewed as a drama princess. She says that she feels like she should look her best for millions of viewers. Like, when she goes on a date, she fixes her makeup and checks her hair. Why shouldn’t she do that on camera?

Hayden says she’s always looking in mirrors and that’s all people are going to see. He tells her she doesn’t need makeup to look good. He says she doesn’t need to check how she looks every five minutes. Victoria says her clothes are her identity and she doesn’t have them and they are like 90 percent of her. Victoria says she knows she has to play dirty in the game. Hayden laughs that yeah, she’s a dirty girl.

Big Brother 2014 Live Feeds August 5 3

Nicole talks about doing her Head of Household tweets and that she sucks at them. She says she used the hashtag fruitloopdingus. They talk about how they will all have haters out there but Nicole says she doesn’t care. Christine tells Nicole that guys think she is cute. Zach thinks she is cute.

2:00 PM – Christine and Victoria talk outside. Christine wants to know what Victoria knows about how people are going to vote. Victoria says she doesn’t know but she thinks they have a chance to get Zach out and they should, like they did with Devin. Christine says Caleb wanted Zach to stay and there might still be a guys alliance. She says Frankie, Derrick, Caleb, and Cody have all said they will vote out Jocasta. Christine says they have to make sure that Zach goes. They think Jocasta is a loose cannon because she never talks to anyone. They think Zach is going to blow up as he is leaving.

2:40 PM – Donny, Nicole, and Hayden talk about Caleb and where his head is at. Donny thinks it would be easy to win Caleb over to work with them. Nicole doesn’t want her name mentioned to Caleb and Donny says he won’t. Hayden says Caleb is so loyal it is crazy. They talk about how Caleb called his ex-girlfriend bipolar but still thinks she will be happy to see him after the show.

3:05 PM – Derrick comes back from the Diary Room and he is pissed off. He says they wanted them to do goodbye speeches but… and the Live Feeds go off. Can’t talk about production! Cody and Frankie finally get out of bed and join the world.

More coming soon in our next Big Brother Live Feeds report!

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