The Challenge USA Finale Spoilers: Who Survived Most Brutal Finale Ever?

Last week, Enzo Palumbo saved his game in The Challenge USA for the third time this season by winning the arena competition. He was up against his game BFF, David Alexander, who is also a Big Brother alumni. David put up a hard fight, but Enzo somehow managed to pull off the come-from-behind victory.

The Challenge USA

Big Brother alumni remaining in The Challenge USA are dwindling quickly. In addition to Enzo, Alyssa Lopez and Angela Rummans are the only Big Brother representatives left in the game. The $500,000 prize is up for grabs. Who will rise to the top and win in tonight’s finale?

Tonight is the last episode of The Challenge USA, and there are only 11 competitors left in the game. There are only 10 spots left for the final challenge. The women will fight to send 5 of them to the finals of the 6 competitors left in the game.

In addition, these competitors will fight, one woman and one man, for the title of winner of The Challenge USA and the $500,000 grand prize. The winners will also represent the USA in The Challenge Worldwide event.

To start, all of the players are thrown into the back of a truck in the middle of the night for the next challenge.

Main Challenge

This challenge is called Getting Tired, and here is how it works. The players will start at the shore of a lake and swim 500 meters to the other side, where they will hit land. Once they are on land again, they will start running until they come across an abandoned town, an old military complex.

They will see tires and tokens, which are all worth a varying amount of points. The higher the value of the tire, the more difficult it will be to get. The goal is to gather as many points as they can. They can only carry one item at a time to the drop zone, which is one kilometer away.

The Challenge USA

After 2 hours, the points for all the players will be calculated. The male and female with the most points will be safe from elimination and receive $10,000 to split into their challenge accounts. The female that finishes last will go directly into an elimination round.

Remember, this competition is being held in complete darkness at night. The competition begins with the swim in the cold, dark water. The players will be wet from their little swim for the remainder of the challenge.

Pink tires are worth 20 points, which is the most amount of any color tire or token. The first players to arrive at the military camp begin by searching for the tires with the most points as they are limited in number.

The Challenge USA

After a grueling two hours, the competition is finally over. Tyson Apostol and Domenick Abbate (both from Survivor) tied for first place with 52 points each. Because there was no tie-breaker in place, they both won the competition. Tyson was not happy that someone shared the victory with him.

Coming in with a very respectable 42 points was Sarah Lacina from Survivor. This was her first individual win. She received $5,000 to be placed into her bank account.

The losing female of the event was Angela. She will face off in the arena against another female chosen by the winning 3 players. Angela is in an alliance with Tyson, so he will be pushing to pick someone that Angela can beat in the arena competition.

Tyson is pushing hard for Cayla Platt to be chosen to compete against Angela because she is not in their alliance. He feels like she is the best choice for Angela to beat in the competition as well. Sarah wants Alyssa to be picked to go against Angela because they are in the same alliance. Dom is not sure which way to lean.

Arena Challenge

As expected, Tyson chose Cayla to compete against Angela. Sarah and Dom both picked Alyssa, and the majority rules. Angela will compete in the arena against Alyssa, and one of them will be eliminated from The Challenge USA before the finals. For once, Tyson did not get his way.

This competition is called Pole Wrestle. This competition aims to get the pole away from your competitor. This will be won by the best 2 out of 3 rounds between Angela and Alyssa.

The Challenge USA

Angela wrestled the pole from Alyssa fairly quickly in the first round and won. In the next round, Angela easily won, and Alyssa was eliminated from the competition. Angela also won her cash and now has $33,500 in her bank account.

The remaining 10 players that will run the final are Alyssa, Tyson, Cayla, Dom, Enzo, Sarah, Ben Driebergen, Danny McCray, Desi Williams, and Justine Ndiba.

The Challenge USA Finals

Ben was disqualified from the competition due to his shoulder injury. He was in tears with the announcement. There are just 9 left in the final competition.

Anyone that quits the competition loses their bank accounts. That money goes to the victors. Any player that finishes the competition can keep their bankroll and share in the $500,000 prize.

The algorithm is back and will pick partners for the competition. If anyone’s partner quits the competition, that will disqualify both players.

The goal of the competition is to climb Mt. Cerro Lopez. The competition will begin 500 meters off the shoreline on a barge. To begin the competition, the players must swim to shore and solve a puzzle. That is considered a checkpoint; each portion of the race will have checkpoints worth points based on their arrival.

The first pair to reach each checkpoint will receive 5 points, the second 4 points, and so on. Whoever has the most points at the end of the final will be crowned The Champion USA.

Let the games begin!

During the very first leg of the race, Enzo panicked in the water and said he couldn’t breathe. He was disqualified as well as his partner, Desi. She is completely distraught that Enzo blew her entire competition for her. To say she is drowning in her tears (no pun intended) is an understatement.

The Challenge USA

After the first checkpoint, Cayla and Danny have 5 points, Sara has 4 points, Tyson and Justine have 3 points, and Domenick and Angela have 2 points.

After the first round, new partners are picked with the algorithm. At the onset of this leg, the players must eat an entire raw onion and garlic gloves. They are provided lemon juice to wash it down.

Each round is more difficult than the previous. During the 4th round, Angela competed by herself and decided it was in her best interest to take last place and get rest instead. The players had to shovel dirt into a wheelbarrow and move it to another location. There was a lot of dirt.

The Challenge USA

The next morning, TJ informed her that she was removed from the competition because she did not even attempt to finish the challenge. Just 6 players are remaining.

The final leg of the competition is next. The players will not be competing with a partner but by themselves. This will be the most treacherous 10 miles to get to the top of the mountain. In addition, this leg will be worth double points. As long as they reach the end, they can keep the money earned in their bank accounts.

The Challenge USA

In the final leg, the players reach the area of the mountain covered in snow. To add insult to injury, fresh snow has begun to fall. At each checkpoint, the competition gets harder and harder. At one point, Dom, Desi, and Tyson decided to throw in the white flag. They bailed on the competition.

The Challenge USA

Cayla, Sarah, and Danny are still pushing through as hard as they can at this point. They are all beaten down and frozen to the core. They all keep pushing through until Cayla can no longer feel her fingers and quit the competition.

Only Danny and Sarah remain. They have no idea they are the last two left in the competition. Both keep pushing on, thinking they are behind the winners.

Danny was the first to reach the peak of the mountain. He won The Challenge USA. Sarah reached the peak, and no one else was there, so she assumed she was in last place. TJ popped up and informed them both that they had just won $500,000. They will split the prize pool between them. They will also represent the USA and compete in The Challenge World Championship.

The Challenge USA

The Big Brother competitors could not finish The Challenge, but we enjoyed watching them and rooting for them all season long.

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