The Challenge USA: Episode 10 Elimination

Finally, last week in the Challenge USA, a Big Brother alumni was not evicted from the game. Cashay Proudfoot of Love Island fought hard against Sarah Lucina from Survivor but still fell short. In the arena competition called In A Roll, Sarah defeated Cash and ensured another day in the game for herself.

Tonight, a new set of competitions will take place. With only 11 of the 28 players remaining in the game, each competition becomes more important. Our Big Brother representation is down to only 3 players, including Angela Rummans, Alyssa Lopez, and Enzo Palumbo. Who will hang on to fight another day?

Episode 10 Main Challenge

This week’s main challenge is called Code Crossing, and here is how it works. Two players at a time will race on the back of a truck to build a bridge with the pegs provided to reach the front, climb up top and pull their cords. They will have approximately 3 minutes to finish the challenge. The winner will have the fastest time, while the loser will have the lowest.

As always with The Challenge USA, there is a twist. Each player will be provided 6 pegs before the clock starts that can be placed anywhere on the truck. The players must choose wisely where they want to place those pegs. This decision could determine the winner.

If a player falls off the truck, they are immediately disqualified. This is a male-only elimination week. Therefore, the slowest man will be sent to the arena to fight for their life. Let the games begin.

The Challenge USA

This is a much more difficult challenge than any players expected. In fact, after a few rounds, none of the players have been able to reach the halfway point down the side of the truck.

After so many players failed at even making their way a portion down the truck, Angela from Big Brother was the only player to finish the competition. Go, Big Brother! Ben Driebergen from Survivor made it the furthest down the truck and won the male portion of the challenge.

With good news comes the bad. The male to make it the least amount down the truck was David Alexander from Big Brother. David will be competing to stay in the game in the arena competition. Angela and Ben will decide who David will face off against in the arena.

After deliberations between Angela and Ben and also with the remaining players in the game, they decided that David would compete against Enzo in the arena competition. David is very upset with this decision, especially since he is also from Big Brother.

Angela is the one that truly made this decision. She chose Enzo because he is not in her core group of alliance members. So a Big Brother player chose to put two fellow Big Brother alumni in the arena against one another. Enzo is livid with the decision, and David is as well.

Episode 10 Arena Challenge

The arena competition is called Balls In, and here is how it works. There is a giant ring with a small goal in the middle of it. One player will be offensive and the other will be defensive. Each round will consist of each player getting the opportunity to play offense and defense.

The offensive players plan is to get the ball in the goal while the defensive player will try and knock the ball out of the ring. There will be 5 rounds played, and the player that scores the most points in the five rounds will win the competition.

There was no score in the first round by either player. David was the only one to score in the second round. There was no score in the third round. Only Enzo scored in the fourth round tying the game one to one.

In the last and final round, Enzo scored while defending the goal from David scoring. Enzo won the competitionand will stay in the game. This is the third arena competition Enzo has won this season of The Challenge USA.


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