Big Brother 24 Episode 26 Recap: BB Comics Is Back Again

At the last Big Brother 24 nominations ceremony, Terrance Higgins could not hold back his snickering when the Head of Household, Michael Bruner, put him on the block for eviction alongside Alyssa Snider. Michael explained that he had heard Terrance had been looking to target him. As a result, Michael has set his sights on Terrance this week and plans to send him to the jury house.

BB24 Comics

Tonight, the Power of Veto competition is critical for the houseguests. Terrance must win to save his game, and Michael wants to ensure his nominations remain the same.  BB Comics are back tonight for the competition, which is always lots of Big Brother fun. Can Micahel win his sixth POV and set a new Big Brother record?

Week 9 Block Nomination Aftermath

With his fifth nomination to the block for eviction, Terrance is more than displeased with the situation he has been put in this week inside the Big Brother 24 house. Michael’s explanation that he was targeting Michael last week doesn’t sit well with Terrance, especially because Matt Turner was the HOH last week and not Terrance.

Michael’s BFF, Brittany Hoopes, would have rather seen Turner targeted for eviction this week. However, Michael promised Turner last week that he would not target him this week, and Michael is a man of his word in Big Brother.

Alyssa was surprised that she was nominated to the block because she gave Michael information about the Dog Pound alliance given to her by Kyle Capener before he left. Michael was already privy to that information, which did not help her game. Michael did assure Alyssa that she was safe this week, and Terrance was the target.

Turner is worried that Terrance will tell Michael that he originally had plans to backdoor Michael last week during his HOH until Kyle needed to be evicted from the game. Turner is willing to throw Terrance under the bus to save his game. The problem for Turner is that Michael is too smart to fall for the story that backdooring Michael was all Terrance’s idea.

BB24 Turner

Terrance spoke with Michael in the HOH room and confessed that he intended to taint the jury against Michael. The threats toward Michael fell on deaf ears, and Michael didn’t plan to alter his game because Terrance threatened to go to the jury about how Michael and Brittany handled Kyle’s situation.

Week 9 Power of Veto Competition

All remaining houseguests will compete in this week’s POV except Turner. Terrance got the houseguest’s choice and picked Alyssa over Turner, which didn’t make much sense. Terrance and Turner are very close in the game, or they have been. Terrance said in the DR that he couldn’t trust Turner to play for him.

BB Comics is the POV this week, a Big Brother fan favorite where the houseguests are transformed into a superhero/comic form. The houseguests must ride a zipline past a collection of the correct rendition of the comics. They must spot the difference and choose the correct comic shown behind the glass when ziplining past and in the proper order.

BB24 Comics

The houseguest to place all of the comics in their proper order in the fastest time will win the golden POV. The times for each houseguest are as follows:

Terrance  25:19
Alyssa 13:37
Taylor 12:13
Brittany 13:35
Monte 13:58
Michael 9:06

BB24 Comics

Michael absolutely destroyed this competition. He just broke the record for the single most POV wins in a single summer with his 6th POV win.

Brittany has decided she needs a backup plan because Michael is the house’s biggest threat. She wants to sit next to him as the final two, but she is worried that he may be evicted before that happens.

Brittany approached Turner about targeting Michael in the game. Turner played along and told her that Monte might be interested in targeting Michael for eviction. Brittany wants to take this information to Michael to convince him to use his power this week to target a stronger player rather than waste the week evicting Terrance.

BB24 Turner Brittany

Brittany thinks that if Michael doesn’t go after Turner, he may go after Monte. So, Brittany went to Michael and tried again to shift the target this week. Michael isn’t biting. He wants just to keep the comps the same.

In addition, Turner went to Michael and told him about Brittany and how she wanted to evict Michael. He is very confused about why Brittany would target him when she is his closest ally. Turner gave Michael this info to help his game so that Michael didn’t backdoor him this week with his veto power.

Michael didn’t seem too worried about the Brittany information. He knows when Brittany gets nervous, she runs her mouth. However, sometimes she runs too much and gives up too much info. His being her closest ally could be a problem for Michael.

Week 9 Power of Veto Ceremony

In the end, Michael did not use the golden Power of Veto. The nominations will stay the same. Either Alyssa or Terrance will be evicted and sent to the Big Brother 24 jury house this week.

Join us tomorrow night, Thursday, September 8, at 9 PM EST for a special 2-hour Big Brother 24 with a double eviction.

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