Big Brother 21 Episode 16 Recap: Nick & Sam Have One Lifeline Opportunity

Nick Maccarone and Sam Smith are sitting on the Big Brother 21 block slated for eviction this week at the hands of the Six Shooters, in particular Head of Household  Holly Allen. Tonight, they will have the opportunity to battle it out for the golden Power of Veto and take themselves off the block. With Nick being the primary target for eviction this week, the house majority alliance hopes to stop any chance Nick has to save his Big Brother 21 game.

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Six Shooter ally, Christie Murphy still holds the coveted diamond POV.  If she invokes those powers, the POV winner not only pulls someone off the block, but they also name the replacement nominee. Christie’s power vanishes after next week’s POV competition. With her alliance, the Six Shooters, at the helm again this week, the likelihood of Christie having to use her power is very slim.

Week Five Block Nominee Fallout

Sam is in tears in the diary room over the nomination to the block for eviction. Nick seems to be taking the situation much better even though he suspects he is the primary target this week. They are both aware that a POV win is absolutely necessary to save their games in the Big Brother 21 house this week.

Nick and Sam, in a perfect world, hope that one of them wins the POV, and the replacement nominee is someone that would be evicted over the remaining block nominee. That is a big stretch, especially if Sam wins the POV. The house majority alliance is hot after Nick joining Bella outside the Big Brother house. The sooner the better.

On the other side of the house, Kathryn Dunn has a plan. She proposed to Holly that Kat is put up as the replacement nominee and pawn if Sam or Nick win the POV. Kat explains that Holly will keep her hands clean with the rest of the house by not nominating anyone else to the block. Kat also promises to “play” it up to the remainder of the Big Brother house so others are not aware just how close Kat and Holly are at this point in the game. Pretty good idea for a blonde, JK!

Week Five Power of Veto Competition

The players for this week’s POV will be Holly, Sam, Nick, Tommy Bracco, Cliff Hogg III, and Jessica MIlagros. Sam and Nick are pleased withe the draw. Both Jacks are not participating in the POV, increasing their chances of winning. Time to get things underway.

The game is called Counting Sheep and works like this…two players will face-off against one another in each match. The goal is to round up sheep that total the target number shown on the barn. Each sheep is wearing a different number. Any combination totaling the target number is acceptable. The players must catch the sheep totaling their number and place them in their fenced in area and be the first to ring the barnyard bell. The first player to do so moves to the back of the line, while the loser is eliminated from the competition. The last player standing wins.

Big Brother 21

The game comes down to just Nick and Tommy remaining in the competition. Everything is on the line in this final match between the Six Shooters and their target. Both houseguests are tired and out of breath. In the end, Nick wins the golden POV.

Week Five Power of Veto Nomination Tensions

Holly has to decide who her target to evict will be now that Nick is safe this week. She can play it safe and use Kat as a pawn while targeting Sam. She could also chose a new target like Nicole Anthony. Analyse Talavera is very much inclined to go after Nicole right now. Analyse feels as though Nicole is shady and will go after the Six Shooters, given the opportunity.

Big Brother 21

Christie Murphy doesn’t see what threat Nicole is in the game and why they would target her for eviction. She is perplexed as to why Holly and Jackson Michie are possibly aligning themselves with Nick and/or Sam. Could this be the signs of the Six Shooters starting to crack? The group of six seems torn on who should be the replacement nominee this week.

Michie is so upset by the accusations made by Christie, that he felt it necessary to approach Christie and clear the air. Holly tags along. Christie can’t believe Analyse ran and told Holly all about her conversation and ruffled feathers within the group. Holly cleared the air with Christie and Tommy and is keeping an eye on Analyse at this point in the game.

Week Five Power of Veto Ceremony

At the POV ceremony, Nick used the power and took himself off the block. Now Holly must name a replacement nominee to the block for eviction. Holly played it safe and nominated her pawn Kat to the block. Unless there is a big miracle, Sam will most likely be joining Isabella Wang outside the house.

Join us again tomorrow night, August 1st at 9 PM EST/8 PM CST for the week five live eviction.

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