Big Brother 18 Recap: A Jury Member Returns! 8/25/2016

On Big Brother 18 tonight, one of the Jury members will come back into the house for a second (or possibly even a third) chance to win a half million dollars. The current houseguests and formerly evicted Jury members will battle it out in one of the show’s epic endurance competitions. The last Jury member standing will re-enter the house, and the last player standing will win Head of Household.

Which Jury member will be coming back tonight? (CBW)

Although it’s a slim chance, this means that whoever gets evicted on Big Brother tonight could turn right around and coming back into the house, and potentially do so as the new Head of Household. But before we get to the endurance challenge, first we have to make it through the live vote and see whether it will be Corey Brooks or Victor Arroyo walking out the door this evening.

If he is voted out this evening, Victor Arroyo might possibly be the first houseguest in show history to be evicted twice, and return to the house twice if he should win the competition tonight. Wouldn’t that be a kicker? Although it’s a slim chance, it could happen. Victor has already proven himself in one grueling endurance competition, sticking it out longer than anyone else to win.

If not Victor winning the comp and coming back in the house, then it’s a fair bet that Paulie Calafiore might end up getting a second chance at winning Big brother. Somehow we don’t see Corey Brooks beating Paulie if he ends up as the person evicted tonight. They could surprise us, but we’re not sure if Da’Vonne Rogers, Bridgette Dunning, or Zakiyah Everette are likely to outlast both Victor or Paulie in an endurance challenge either.

However, it plays out, we’ll be here to bring you the results of the eviction, and a full live recap of the competition tonight as it plays out on the show and finishes on the Live Feeds. Or, of course, you can get those Big Brother Live Feeds for a week free right now and watch the whole challenge play out for yourself!

Let’s get this party started with our live recap of tonight’s show!


When we last left our houseguests, Michelle had put up Corey Brooks as the replacement nomination after Paul saved himself from the block with the Power of Veto. With Nicole definitely voting against Victor, and Paul definitely voting against Corey, the vote tonight will all come down to who veteran James Huling decides to vote out.

But whichever houseguest gets the boot may not be gone for good, as the five evicted Jury members will be battling it out in an “epic” endurance competition to determine which one will get the chance to get back into the house.

The vote is all going to come down to James this week, which means both Victor and Corey have to campaign to make sure the vote goes their way. James and Natalie have been working with both Victor and Paul, and Nicole and Corey. So now it’s going to be time for James to pick a side to back in this vote.

Corey and Nicole believe James is totally on their side and talk with him about just keeping everything good. Meanwhile, Paul is very paranoid that James seems to be talking to friendly Corey and Nicole. Victor goes out to check on them and the conversation totally stops, which just makes Paul way more paranoid.

Paul tells Victor to go be nice to James and Natalie, while he buddies up with Nicole and Corey. Paul actually tells Victor to throw him under the bus to James and say he is pissed at him to try to sway the vote. Then he goes off to spend as much time as he can with Nicole and Corey, and that James and Natalie sees him doing it.


Victor goes up to the Head of Household room where James, Natalie and Michelle are watching Paul cozying up to Nicole and Corey. Victor tells them Paul has totally been ignoring him and he thought Paul would campaign for him.

Natalie, Michelle and James totally seem to be going for the ruse, saying Paul is a bad egg, and he hasn’t campaigned for Victor at all, and he’s being really shady with spending all his time with Nicole and Corey. Victor says if he stays in the house, he would put Paul on the block. In Diary Room, James says he would love to use Victor as a weapon against Paul.

Time to take a sneak peek inside the Jury house where Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, and Bridgette have been having a grand time hoping to see Paulie walk into the house next! When he does, Bridgette tells him this has made her day! Zakiyah, meanwhile, does not want him anywhere around her – just look at that face on her when Paulie walks through the door!


Paulie says it’s the season of catty women, and apparently nothing has changed. Meanwhile, he’s still arrogant Paulie while they watch how Victor betrayed Paulie and got him evicted. The ladies and Paulie totally bitch at each other back and forth. Bridgette especially gets quite mouthy about Paulie and his disrespect for women.

Paulie says he holds no animosity against Victor now that he is out of the house. Bridgette tells Paulie that he is the one who made this game personal, with calling Natalie nasty things and insulting women in general.

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