Big Brother 18 Premiere Tonight: Mystery Houseguests Revealed!

The anticipation is finally over and the Big Brother 18 premiere kicks off tonight at 8PM ET/PT! We’ve already met the twelve new players entering the house this season, and this evening the final four ‘mystery’ houseguests will at last be unmasked. There have been so many rumors and speculations over who they will be, let’s just hope the big reveal doesn’t end up being a big disappointment.

Possible returning veterans as mystery houseguests is just one of the many twists and surprises we’ve been promised this season by Big Brother 18 executive producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan. We also know for certain that the Battle of the Block will NOT be back this year, and has instead been replaced by a brand new competition that will air on Sunday nights.

2016 Big Brother 18 Cast 7

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That’s just the tip of the twisty twist iceberg, however. Apparently the newly renovated Big Brother 18 house itself will be part of the surprises in store for both contestants and fans throughout the season. Some of the secrets of the ‘Summer Vacation’ themed house will reportedly be uncovered during the two-night Big Brother premiere. Other hidden unknowns, however, will not be discovered until later in the season.

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>> Go Inside the Big Brother 18 House! (Photo Gallery) <<

This will be the longest season on record for Big Brother USA, with the cast expected to be trapped in the house for 99 days. That means the 90-minute 2016 finale won’t take place until September 21, right after the premiere of the new season of Survivor.

If we were stuck in a tiny studio house with that many other people for nearly 100 days, you can bet the claws (and maybe even the knives) would be coming out — and you can bet we’d be looking for a nice showmance for some human companionship. So we’re hoping for some really terrific entertainment and drama on the Big Brother Live Feeds this year.

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The Big Brother 18 premiere will span two nights, with the first two-hour episode starting at 8PM ET/PT on Wednesday, June 22nd, followed by a one hour episode on Thursday at 9PM ET/PT. After that, the show will settle into it’s normal Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday night schedule. The Big Brother Live Feeds and Big Brother After Dark will premiere on Thursday night (Friday morning on the east coast) after the west coast airing of the show.

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