Big Brother 18: On the Chopping Block – Week 8

Previously on The Chopping Block… Zakiyah “Z Baby” Everett was on the block with Michelle “Big Meech” Meyer. In a big BB18 plot twist, the house flipped and ended up keeping Michelle.

Big Brother 18’s Paulie Calafiore & Corey Brooks (CBS)

Then for some reason the dummies decided getting Bridgette Dunning, the girl with a bum knee and wonky ankle out instead of Michelle was a good idea. Now, it’s time to pick on Paulie Calafiore and Corey Brooks.


SINCE WHEN DO WE HAVE THE HG’S WAIT IN A BEDROOM FOR THE VETO CEREMONY?! It’s so much more dramatic when they’re outside. Rant over. Maybe.


Obviously you can never recreate Derek’s game, but for someone who says Derrick’s name 48,000 times a day, Paulie has done a pretty good job of not playing to Derrick standards. Maybe Derrick is a better player than he is a coach? All I know is that I was Team Paulie for a hot second. Then he went all evil dictator and I removed myself from that narrative ASAP.

Big Brother 18 cast member Paulie Calafiore (Source CBS)
Big Brother 18 cast member Paulie Calafiore (Source CBS)

Pros for evicting Paulie

  • I’m hoping that if he goes to the jury house he’ll let the beard make a triumphant return. Here for it.
  • No more Paulie DR’s!
  • Mr. “I was born and bred for this” can suck it with his eighth place finish.

Cons for evicting Paulie

  • Umm…
  • Derrick won’t get mentioned as much?


I personally enjoy when Corey tries to act like he’s a big fan of the show. He’s gotten better-ish as the summer has progressed, but there’s still not a lot of substance to him. Unless your name is Nicole. Then you find a lot of substance to him. ZING!


Pros for evicting Corey

  • Nicole could get her life together in time to make it to the end. But probably wouldn’t.
  • His bug eyes won’t haunt my nightmares anymore.

Cons for evicting Corey

  • Nicole would be super dramatic about it, and I don’t have the tolerance for that.
  • I won’t get to be entertained watching him try to squeeze into a bumper car anymore. I’m willing to make that sacrifice though. You’re welcome, everyone.

Praying to Zingbot, OTEV, and Grodner that whoever leaves doesn’t have a round trip ticket on their person. I can’t imagine how exhausting it is to take the trash out twice. ZING!


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