The theme for this year’s Big Brother 18 house is “Summer Vacation” and according to executive producer Allison Grodner, the cheery international decor holds some hidden secrets the Houseguests will be uncovering this summer!

Big Brother 18 house photos (26)

Here you are in the living room which is the terminal of an airport. That board is the departure board and you will see on opening night what we got there. It has meaning.

— Allison Grodner, Big Brother 18 Executive Producer – Hollywood Reporter

The Big Brother house certainly got some unique additions for 2016, and we’re very intrigued by the teases about the house being part of the twists in the game this season. Overall, I love the new look of the house, though there are a few things I certainly am not a fan of! I’ve made some observations about the rooms, what I like, where I’d hang out, and what sticks out the most to me as being… interesting!

Airport – Living Room

Big Brother 18 house photos (25)

Is it just me, or does this room look taller than usual? The very first thing I noticed looking at the pictures of this room is the departure board, which gives clues to the different room themes and other potentially intriguing information. (Can you say memory comp?!) The next out of the ordinary thing I notice is the green chairs lining the wall that look like they’re from a waiting room. I’m not sure what they could possibly be used for, but it’s new! The two orange “hot seat” chairs remind me of airplane seats, but look way more comfortable. I’m a fan of this room with the exception of one thing- that couch color.

Big Brother 18 House Tour (7)

“It’s more than just a house theme. This is all part of the twist that’s going to unfold over the summer. Twists, plural, actually. A few of them will be announced on opening night, and many more to come.” — Allison Grodner, Big Brother 18 Executive Producer – Hollywood Reporter

Tokyo – Bedroom 1

Big Brother 18 house photos (27)

The best word I have to describe this room, LOUD. The bed set up is really interesting, it looks like the two beds on either side of the raised pink ones are smaller than the rest, but maybe it’s my eyes, or the fact that I keep getting distracted by the bright green chair that looks super neat and super uncomfortable. There’s one picture of this room that shows three catlike statues, it looks to me like you could pull the arms down on them, like a lottery machine? Maybe they’ll do something fun!?

Big Brother 18 house photos (10)

“There’s a lot of fun to be had with this theme. The twists are all themed into what we did with the house this year.” — Allison Grodner, Big Brother 18 Executive Producer – Hollywood Reporter

London – Bedroom 2

Big Brother 18 house photos (7)

I’m a huge fan of this room. I feel more relaxed just looking at the pictures. There are two things that catch my attention in this room right away, one is the phone booth door, which has a working phone. (phone booth twist from last season) The second, is the door that doesn’t necessarily look like it goes anywhere because of the way the furniture is set, but I’m suspicious anyways. Ugh, the top hat lamp in the corner reminds me of Austin’s evil twin from last season… what was his name again?

Big Brother 18 house photos (9)

“There are phone booths and phones — of course not to call out, but to call each other. At some point it could be revealed that these will play into another twist.” — Allison Grodner, Big Brother 18 Executive Producer – Entertainment Weekly

Paris – Kitchen/Dining

Big Brother 18 house photos (20)

The kitchen is neat, colorful, but not overwhelming. It doesn’t seem that much has changed here. I’m a fan of the addition of the island, it seems like that’s been used a lot since they added it. Also worthy of note – the table only has 12 places (only enough room for the new houseguests, not the ‘mystery guests’). My final kitchen related thought: BRING ON THE ANTS!

Big Brother 18 house photos (13)

Nairobi – Photo Booth Room

Big Brother 18 house photos (14)

For the last several seasons, this room has been home to the photo booth. It doesn’t look like it’s there in the same capacity. However, the camera’s make me wonder if they’ll have the ability to take pictures in there anyways. I think this room looks cozy – a good place to hideaway.

Big Brother 18 house photos (16)

“We are loving how the house theme plays into the twists and turns that the Big Brother Houseguests will face this summer.”  — Allison Grodner, Big Brother 18 Executive Producer – 

Ocho Rios – Bathroom

Big Brother 18 House Tour (3)

I love the color scheme in this room. It makes me wish I was on the beach, but SAND ON THE FLOOR? ARE YOU CRAZY? I can’t think of anything weirder than trying to shower, and getting out into the sand… or sitting on the toilet with your feet in the sand… yea, it’s weird. Not to mention, I feel like it would get ALL OVER the house. (Thankfully it looks the sand may have been removed in the most recent photos and replaced with sand-colored carpet.)

Big Brother 18 house photos (23)

Big Brother 18 house photos (22)

Yosemite National Park – Backyard

Big Brother 18 house photos (4)

AWESOME! I recently had the pleasure of traveling through several of the National Parks (though not Yosemite, like the backyard is illustrating) and wow are they gorgeous. I love the additional seating outside – I think it’ll give the houseguests more space to talk and strategize without sitting around everyone else. I’m also a big fan of the new pool- though it makes me think there will be a few more “STOP THAT” from Big Brother than usual.

Big Brother 18 house photos (3)

“I don’t want to give too much away, but there are quite a few things in the house that are more than just decorations.” — Allison Grodner, Big Brother 18 Executive Producer –

Admirals Lounge – Skybridge & Walkway

Big Brother 18 house photos (11)

This seems like the perfect place to do some serious eavesdropping. Having a couch to hang out on and look over most of the rest of the house and listen in to what people were saying? Sounds like an interesting place to me- I guess we’ll see if the houseguest think like that too!

Big Brother 18 House Tour (6)

“It’s going to be 99 days of twists and turns, with a few secrets along the way,”
— Big Brother 18 Executive Producer Rich Meehan.

Waikiki – HOH Room

Big Brother 18 house photos (12)

This is easily my favorite room in the house, and may be my favorite HOH room. I love the color scheme and decorations. There’s some new furniture in there that we haven’t seen before (smaller couch and chairs) and I love the way the fish tank is right over the bed!

Big Brother 18 House Tour (8)

I’m a fan of the house décor this season, but I’ll be an even bigger fan once the houseguests are in there! It’s bound to be an interesting season, especially if the house is going to play some sort of roll in the twists.

The producers also mentioned two additional teases worth mentioning – one, the Have Not room is supposed to be absolutely awful — and the Pandora’s Box room/Second HOH room may be in play for some sort of twist this season as well!

I have tried to point out the pieces that stuck out the most to me, but as we all know — expect the unexpected!! Here’s to hoping this house brings us a great season!

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