Big Brother 18 Cast: Michelle Meyer – The Superfan

Big Brother 18 cast member Michelle Meyer, 23, hails from the Metro-Detroit area of Michigan and recently finished her degree as a nutritionist.  Now, she just needs to pass her registered dietitian exam.  Unlike some of the other houseguests this year, she is extremely familiar with Big Brother and watches both the U.S. and International versions.  She also has a strong presence in the online Big Brother world between being an avid Live Feed viewer as well as interacting on reddit in fan threads.

Michelle Meyer Big Brother 18
Michelle Meyer of Big Brother 18. Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS

The two most difficult parts about living in the Big Brother house that Michelle mentioned in her CBS profile can both hurt her social game. First, she generally likes to go to bed early which tends to cause a houseguest to be an outlier. If everyone else is staying up, and you are in bed, you are missing out on crucial relationship building and social play.

Michelle Meyer has also gotten into trouble in the past regarding talking about other people, spreading rumors and getting into drama.  Her goal is to avoid doing these things if they don’t involve her as it’s not good for her game.  She refers to Big Brother as “a giant game of telephone”.

There has been a lot of information released about Michelle’s planned strategy.  First of all, she has no qualms about lying, breaking alliances and backstabbing as revealed in her “Meet the Houseguests” interview with Jeff Schroeder.  She plans to win a lot of competitions including becoming HOH so she can take out someone she sees as a threat.  However, she wants to appear weak while “still winning competitions” so I am not sure how that will fare.

Michelle is willing to be in a showmance if it helps her game and with the amount of single people in the house this year, this is definitely a possibility.  There are also talks of a solid alliance, but having an even stronger alliance with a few of the houseguests within it.  She plans on “being friendly with everyone and pretending this game doesn’t mean the world to her” which could work to keep the target off her back.  However, showmances generally bring a target to you, so the strategy is a little muddled for a “superfan”.

Thankfully, Michelle has one thing going for her – she would rather win and be hated by America rather than lose and be loved.  This means one thing – she is here to play the game!  In her words, “everyone has a hater”.

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