Big Brother 2016: Which Juror Will Return Tonight?

Tonight, one Big Brother 2016 juror returns to the game. The current jury consists of Da’Vonne Rodgers, Zakiyah Everette, Bridgette Dunning, and Paulie Calafiore. During tonight’s Big Brother 2016 live eviction, either Corey Brooks or Victor Arroyo becomes the fifth member of the jury.

Big Brother 18’s Da’Vonne Rogers & Zakiyah Everette (CBS)

Tonight James Huiling will cast the tie breaking vote against Victor.  If Victor does in fact get evicted on Big Brother tonight, we may witness an epic battle between all the current jurors.

Paulie and Victor have excelled at competitions all season. However, Bridgette, Zakiyah, and Da’Vonne have shown potential to win or last long during endurance competitions. Hopefully, Big Brother remembers this factor and gives fans a wall type endurance comp, such as the one seen on Big Brother 15.

Late last night, CBS announced plans for an endurance Head of Household competition after Thursday’s live eviction. This gave us hope that tonight’s HOH competition might also coincide with the juror competition.

We might witness hours of feeds where the jurors compete to return to the game. Just imagine the information that might be exchanged between everyone as they compete besides one another.


CBS made fans believe that the returning juror would be revealed during Thursday’s live broadcast. This swayed fans into believing that a crapshoot competition might take place, especially since voting for America’s Care Package doesn’t begin until Thursday. However, also announced last night, the voting for the care package doesn’t start until very late Thursday night/Friday morning–presumably after the Head of Household competition.

Of the current juror pool, Paulie or Victor have the most potential to cause havoc upon one of their returns. Da’Vonne would give us more iconic diary sessions/queen of shading it up in the house, but we cannot see her making too many moves without a real alliance. She also didn’t add much to feeds during her last few weeks in the house.

Zakiyah is more or less the same, unless she is secretly a good gamer, and now without Paulie around as a distraction, she’ll thrive. Bridgette started to show some gamer skills right before her eviction. However, she’ll just link up with Michelle and Natalie, which would definitely sway the season more in favor of a girl winner but it wouldn’t add much excitement to the game or show.

Paulie may be a polarizing player but he creates buzzworthy drama. Almost all the evictions, fights, drama directly or indirectly linked back to Paulie. Even if he only returns for a week, he would cause some form of chaos.


Now Victor has a vendetta with James, Natalie, and Michelle. It would be exciting to see how they try to combat him for the rest of the season, or until his next eviction. Victor would make history as the only player evicted twice and returned twice in one season, or the only player evicted three times in one season. He would win the record of player evicted most in one season. We kind of want to see him break that record.

Tonight’s juror return potentially could shake up this Big Brother 2016 season in the best way. Who do you want to see return tonight?


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