Big Brother 18 Prediction: Who Will Be Voted Out In Week 9?

Co-Head of Households Michelle Meyer and Natalie Negrotti made a big move this week in the Big Brother 2016 house. They decided to target Paul Abrahamian, and nominate him against his closest ally Victor Arroyo. The plan to eliminate Paul failed when he won this week’s veto. However, it left Victor vulnerable for eviction on Big Brother 18. As a competition beast, getting out Victor seemed like the next best move for the house.

Big Brother 18's Victor Arroyo & Corey Brooks (CBS)
Big Brother 18’s Victor Arroyo & Corey Brooks (CBS)

After Paul used the veto, Michelle had to decide to nominate strategically or personally. She wanted to nominate Nicole Franzel due to her personal vendetta, but everyone thought Corey Brooks was the better player between the Nicole and Corey showmance. After some debate, Michelle finally decided to listen to logic and nominate Corey.

The votes would obviously fall with one vote for Victor to stay (from Paul), and one vote for Corey to stay (from Nicole). So James held all the voting power this week. He immediately made the decision to evict Victor and save Corey.

Natalie and Michelle weren’t so sure about that decision, because of their close relationship with Victor. However, James showed them how it was the best strategic move to make. The decision seemed set, but last night Victor and Paul devised a plan to try to shift James’ vote.

The first part of the plan involved Paul budding up to Nicole and Corey. This made Michelle a little paranoid. The second step was for Victor to pretend that he no longer wanted to associate with Paul in the game. He wanted to help them evict Paul next week by winning Head of Household and nominating him.

Big Brother 18 Cast (Photo Courtesy of CBS)
Big Brother 18 Cast (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

He went to the HOH room to complain about Paul to James, Natalie, and Michelle. This part of the plan worked on Michelle and Natalie. They started to feed Victor a bunch of information on Paul and their plans. They even did lollipop scenario run through to prove that evicting Corey was the best move.

They tried to explain these scenarios to James to get him to change his vote. However, he shutdown any talk of a vote shift by explaining how Victor could easily go back to Paul, once he’s safe. He then summoned Nicole and Corey to the HOH room.

The talk of shifting their vote angered Nicole, but solidified James’ decision to vote out Victor. We predict that Victor will leave the Big Brother house by a vote of 2-1 vote….but will the jury returnee comp send him right back into the Big Brother 2016 house?

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