Big Brother 18 Recap: The Sitting Ducks Battle for Veto! 8/24/2016

Big Brother 18 power duo Victor and Paul, also known as ‘The Sitting Ducks’, are up on the block against each other fighting to survive this week’s eviction. Together, they managed to sabotage and eliminate one of their biggest competitors in getting Paulie Calafiore evicted. Now they are facing the consequences of betraying their ally and proving how much of a threat they both are.

Big Brother 18’s Paul Abrahamian and Victor Arroyo

Based on Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds, things are looking particularly grim for Victor Arroyo prior to the Power of Veto Competition. If he didn’t win the challenge, the votes are lining up pretty strongly to make sure he ends up getting booted out the door this week. The other houseguests consider him too much of a competition threat, and he’s shown he can rock the house with a big move like getting out Paulie.  Plus, let’s face it, Natalie Negrotti just does not like the guy after being rejected by him week one in the house, and she’s got James Huling in her back pocket.

Victor does have an advantage on his side, however. Current co-Head of Household Michelle Meyer promised during the Nomination Ceremony that she would use the Power of Veto to save Victor if she wins it. So Victor has double the chances of getting off the block over Paul, who has no allies on his side at all.

Who will win Power of Veto tonight and will it force the house to switch up their eviction target this week? Join us for our live Big Brother 18 recap of tonight’s show right here starting at 5:00 PM PT/8:00 PM ET! Please be sure to refresh this page frequently during the show for the latest updates!

The Block nomination ceremony ends with Paul asking Victor to remove the proverbial knife from his back.  Let it be made very clear that Paul is fit to be tied after accusations were made that Paul had lied to the HGs.  He frantically tries to find out what exactly he lied about to the HGs.  Eventually Michelle confesses that she was told by Paulie that Paul knew Da’Vonne Rogers was going home and didn’t share that information.  Nicole and Corey are more than excited they have evaded eviction so far this week.

Paul meets with Co-HOH Natalie and after a lengthy conversation, they conclude that the rumor that Paul was going to target James was untrue.  As a result, HOH Natalie breaks down and claims she should have never won HOH.  Paul is now the one trying to cheer up Natalie and get her to ‘buck up’ and play the game of Big Brother.

Once Natalie rebounds, she finally realizes that Nicole and Corey may have manipulated her to keep them from the Block.  Victor proposes that they flip the script on Nicole and Corey and back door Corey this week.  The plan is set as long as one of them wins the POV and can bring down Victor or Paul from the Block.

The BB Storm Watch begins in the house at 1:05 am and the HGs are warned to stay tuned throughout the night for storm updates.  These updates will be clues for the POV competition to be help the next day.  Paul is determined to win and helps the HGs stay up all night to hear the clues given via the BB Storm Watch.  Nicole and Corey seem to not be too concerned about the clues as they are more busy playing ‘handsies’ under the covers all night.


As predicted the BB Storm Watch is the POV competition and only six HGs will compete via audition to become the next member of the BB Weather Team.  The only HG not competing this week is Nicole.  While enduring pounding winds, rain, sharks, and flying debris, the HGs must recite a weather report and fill in the blanks with the information they learned last night with the BB Storm Watch.  Each time they answer a question correctly, they earn one point.  The competitors for the position of newscaster include Natalie Rainbow, Victor Caliente, James Showers, Michelle Drizzle, Corey Breeze, and Paul Storm.

With a possible 21 points during the competition, Paul won with a total of 21 points.  The closest newscaster to Paul’s perfect game was Michelle with a total of 20 points.  When its all said and done, Paul has won the POV.  Michelle now assumes that Paul will take himself off the Block and she will be left with the task of naming a replacement nominee to the Block.  She does not have many choices with only James, Nicole or Corey as options to nominate at this point.

As predicted, Paul takes himself off of the Block during the POV ceremony.  As a result, Michelle nominates Corey to the Block for eviction.  Tomorrow night, we will find out which HG will be evicted and also which of the first five jury members will be returning to the Big Brother house.  Competing to come back into the house will be tomorrow night’s evictee, Da’Vonne Rogers, Bridgette Dunning, Zakiyah Everette, and Paulie Calafiore.  Tune in tomorrow night to find out who will be evicted and who will come back into the house.


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