Big Brother Power Rankings: Meech Quietly Rises to the Top – Week 9

We are slowly crawling toward the Big Brother 18 finale, and so far we are still up in the air about which houseguest is going to win. Of course, until we get that Jury ‘Buyback’ competition out of the way on Thursday, it’s hard to place bets on a future Big Brother winner until we know exactly who is going to be in the final houseguest lineup for the last month of the game.

Big Brother 18 cast (Source: CBS)

Putting the returning Jury member aside, however, our Big Brother Power Rankings do show that there are a few players who seem to be riding pretty high the past few weeks and might just continue that ride to the finale, if the other houseguests aren’t smart enough to get them out very soon. In particular, there is one lady in particular who has gone from constantly on the edge of being evicted… to sneaking quietly toward the final five at least with little chance of getting the boot.

1. Michelle Meyer – I don’t think she is a great player, but not having a pair helps her survive. If anyone gets nominated it’s likely going to be Corey and Nicole or James and Natalie. Why take out a single when you have two duo’s in the house? Any of the returning jurors do not harm her game and would likely want to work with her moving forward. Plus, she’s handled her America’s Care Package gift of co-Head of Household relatively well this week, although she did back down on going after Nicole when she really wanted her out.*

2. Corey Brooks – I can’t think of one thing Corey has done all season, but I guess here he is at number two. I think it’s very likely he would survive the block vs Nicole and that is why he is above her. I think Corey has a good chance at making the finale because he’s not as big of a threat as Paul, Nicole, and James. I think for Corey, he needs to try hard to win an HOH and make a move that impacts the game. He could benefit a lot from Paulie returning who will be a target in front of him.

3. Nicole Franzel – She’s done nothing all season, but the lie she told James and Natalie to get them to target Paul was a good move. I would be shocked if even Paul put Nicole up next week because he’s going to be betrayed by James and Natalie. Michelle’s a threat to her if she wins HOH and of course the returning jurors might Paulie/Zakiyah.


4. Paul Abrahamian – Paul is losing his ally Victor this week and it really puts him at a disadvantage. He’s potentially going into next week 5 vs 1, but he benefits the most with the returning juror. The house could unite to send that person right back out or the returning juror could target the showmances. The best thing Paul can do next week is try his hardest to win HOH and make a big move.

5. Natalie Negrotti – Natalie will be in the same boat as James going into next week. Her HOH reign could lead to one of them evicted if one of the showmance members does not get in power next week. She is not eligible for HOH next week and will rely solely on James protection. Who’s to say Corey and Nicole will keep their word? Just like her word to Paul and Victor meant nothing.

6. James Huling – This is a bad week for James the gameplayer because he has no idea that a juror is returning. The majority of returning players would likely target James and Natalie. The move to work with Corey and Nicole could easily backfire on James, but he believes it’s a risk worth taking. I think James sees Corey and Nicole as an easier path to the final four as opposed to competition beast Victor and Paul.

7. Victor Arroyo – Victor’s very likely to be leaving this week because he can win competition after competition. He stayed loyal to James and Natalie for two weeks, but now they view him as a threat. I think most of us new that his downfall would be winning too much, but the good news for Victor is there is a buyback. I think he would potentially be the favorite to win right?

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* Addition from the editor.