Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: Overnight Live Feeds Report – 8/15/2014

The Big Brother spoilers overnight from the Live Feeds were mostly all about who is going to go up on the block during nominations. There aren’t that many Houseguests left to choose from with four nominees still going up this week. No one really wants to go up, even when they are just supposed to be a pawn. Because sometimes, those pawns end up as fish food at the hands of their so-called allies.

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)
Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

We left off our last Big Brother Live Feeds report with The Detonators plotting and planning how to handle the upcoming nominations. They all agree to meet up in the HoH after Donny is asleep to decide who will go up.

12:00 AM – The Bomb Squad (or The Detonators + Caleb really), all meet up in the Head of Household room to discuss nominations. No one wants to go up on the block with Donny and then throw the Battle of the Block so that Donny can be targeted for eviction. Everyone is kind of pushing Zach to do it even though he doesn’t want to. Zach reminds everyone that they just tried to vote him out of the house. Caleb says, well yeah, but none of us actually voted to do that.

12:30 AM – Everyone mutually reassures everyone else that they are all safe. But no one wants to volunteer to be the pawn that goes up to make sure Donny loses and can be targeted.

12:55 AM – Finally they decide that they are going to draw Skittles to determine who will go up with Donny on the block. Christine draws the Skittle that means she is supposed to go up on the block with Donny and hopefully throw the Battle of the Block. Cody and Caleb draw the Skittles that they will go up against Donny and Christine in the BotB.

1:00 AM – Caleb is really not happy about having drawn to go up on the block. He is mad at Zach for not just volunteering to go up on the block with Donny and throw the BotB. Derrick tries to calm him down but Caleb is riled up now. He wants Zach to get backdoored at the eviction.

1:30 AM – Derrick tells Victoria that she is safe and won’t go up on the block. However, this means she will have to be a Have-Not. She agrees.

2:05 AM – Caleb and Victoria have a pillow fight and much silliness ensues. Caleb shows off his karate kicks.

Derrick and Frankie talk. The plan is to tell Frankie that no matter who wins the Veto, Victoria will go up on the block and she is the target. Frankie and Derrick agree they are the daddies of the house.  Derick tells Caleb that he has to remember when he talks to Donny that the plan is to backdoor Victoria.

Caleb chases Victoria around. Zach asks Victoria what would she would to do have sex with Cody. Cody and Victoria tell him he is disgusting. Zach says it was inappropriate.

2:50 AM – Derrick and Cody discuss who they should target for eviction if Donny wins the Veto. Cody thinks they should go after Frankie again. (So much for Detonators loyalty.) Cody says if Donny wins the Veto it would be a waste to evict Victoria instead. Derrick says he thinks next week’s HoH comp will be endurance and Cody will take it. He thinks that Frankie and Caleb have a final two deal.

3:25 AM – Caleb says he thinks that Amy from production likes him. He thinks maybe she’s just saying she’s married so they don’t flirt with her. Cody says he said he loved her and she said that to get him off her case. Cameras switch off them.

3:30 AM – Zach talks to Caleb about a Jury member coming back in the game. They don’t think there will be time for that before the end of the season. They don’t know yet that the finale has been moved a week further out.

Frankie cries over his photo with his sister and says she is his whole world.

Derrick and Frankie talk about telling Donny about the nominations and that it was a draw so he doesn’t think they are working together. They talk about hoping they don’t get a stupid Team America mission. (Sorry guys, you’re gonna.)

Stay tuned for more in our next Big Brother Live Feeds report!

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