Big Brother 20 Week 2 Power Ranking-A New Frontrunner Emerges

It’s week the second week in the Big Brother 20 house, and with Kaitlyn Herman at the helm, it’s been a messy week to say the least. Kaitlyn has flipped the entire Big Brother 20 game by listening to her intuition, also named Tyler Crispen. F.O.U.T.T.E is in shambles as they try to figure out what to do going forward.

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Let’s get right into our Big Brother 2018 power rankings for this week. We’ll see how some people have risen to the top, and how others have fallen to the bottom.

15. Swaggy C

Big Brother 20-Swaggy C

More than likely, Chris “Swaggy C” Williams is a goner. It would take nothing short of a miracle at this point. This is unfortunate because I feel like he didn’t get much of an opportunity, so Kaitlyn targeting him is somewhat misguided. There’s a slim chance he can rally Sam Bledsoe, and Kaitlyn could have a change of heart, but Tyler is really blocking it from happening.

14. Winston

Winston Hines will survive this week’s eviction, and he’ll be all right, but he’s still a likely target for the remnants of F.O.U.T.T.E, because they don’t like him. Winston is a super intense, paranoid person. I think he’ll blow up sooner rather than later; it’s sort of miraculous that he’s been able to calm himself down a little this week, or maybe I’ve just done a good job of avoiding watching him internally implode.

13. Faysal

While Faysal Shafaat sort of been going with the flow, and agreeing to keep things peaceful with Tyler and Kaitlyn, I think by a lot of Level 6, he’s seen as the biggest physical threat. Despite Kaitlyn trying to protect him (along with Haleigh Broucher and Angie “Rockstar” Lantry), I don’t think they care to uphold that. If Winston, Angela Rummans, or Brett Robinson want him out, he’ll be their target.  I would enjoy to see him become their target, simply to see Kaitlyn react to it all.

12. Rockstar

I love Rockstar and she very much sees what is going on in the Big Brother 20 house, particularly with regards to Tyler, but she’s being too open and honest about her thoughts. Tyler is gunning for her, and I don’t think Level 6 would mind losing her either. She doesn’t have strong relationships with any of them. I think Rockstar could turn it around, and I truly hope she does. However, I’m getting nervous hearing her name come up quite a lot, and her being so loyal to the FOUTTE side. It will hurt her game.  Rockstar should be doing what Haleigh is doing to ensure that she lasts long in the game. She needs to keep her mouth shut with regards to her seeing through Tyler’s bullshit.

11. Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn is a mess in so many ways, but good viewing for sure. I think she sort of has Tyler in front of her, as well as Level 6, if someone wants to take a swing at her. She’s actually navigated this week pretty well for being such a disaster. Kaitlyn is really not going to get much of the blame for turning on her original side, even with things coming to light, because quite simply, she’s not a threat. Kaitlyn is being controlled by others and is so emotionally driven. That said, she could always turn attention to herself because she’s Kaitlyn.

10. Angela

Big Brother 20 Angela Rummans

Angela has  been laying so low that I hardly even remember she’s there. And that’ is good for her, because her name is coming up less and less, despite her being so socially withdrawn and a physical threat. So maybe Angela can weather the storm for a little bit longer while others take shots at each other, especially since her and Rachel Swindler are happy to be letting Tyler be the guy in front of them taking their bullets.

9. Scottie

Despite his nomination, Scottie Salton sort of maintained an okay position this week. He’s become much more socially integrated since Steve Arienta left, but I’m not sure how enlightened he is in terms of what is going on around him. Should he win power, I hope Scottie would take a shot at Level 6, but Tyler has been trying to convince him that the F.O.U.T.T.E side of things turned on Steve, and it’s not clear what Scottie really thinks. It would be incredibly dumb for him not to take a shot at someone like Rachel, Brett, Angela, or Winston.

8. Bayleigh

Bayleigh Dayton has  handled Swaggy’s nomination much better than predicted or advertised. I think Bayleigh may be able to go a bit further if she starts being more social. I do think Bayleigh probably has the most loyalty to Haleigh, Rockstar, and Faysal. She would stick with them, if she were to come into power. I think the other side just needs one person to go home for them to fracture a bit in the way that F.O.U.T.T.E has. I’d love to see Bayleigh, Rockstar, or Haleigh be the one to put that in motion.

7. JC

Who knows what the heck JC Mounduix is up to? He always seems to be stirring something up, and I’m never really sure why. But I think most of them know that JC  usually has no idea what he’s talking about, and so they see him as harmless. They need to watch out for him though, because I feel pretty confident that JC will win an endurance competition. Then who knows what he might end up doing. One thing about JC that’s great is that he does sort of stick to his guns, I don’t think he’s as easily influenced as some of the rest of them.

6. Rachel

Rachel’s punishment happened, and nobody really even noticed.  In fact, she’s slipped further beneath the radar. I still think Angela is in front of her as a target, so Rachel is sitting pretty good in terms of being positioned to go far. Eventually I think she’ll surprise some people and make some moves, but I think Rachel wants to continue to coast for now, which is boring but fine.

5. Brett

Big Brother 20-Brett Robinson

See Rachel but Brett is the man behind Winston, as opposed to the woman behind Angela. His name has come up a bit more, because I think people realize that he’s the bigger threat than Winston, since people actually enjoy being around him. That said, Brett is still a part of this bro duo, which people should be paying more attention to,, since they are a threat moving forward in this game.

4. Tyler

Tyler is balancing a lot of balls right now, and one has to drop sooner rather thn later. People do see what he’s doing, both inside and outside of his alliance. And I think some of them are more than okay to let Tyler take the fall. He does have his power, and he does have quite a bit of influence still, but I do see it crashing down sooner rather than later, because I really just don’t see how Tyler can maintian all he has going on, especially with volatile personalities like Kaitlyn, JC, and Winston around.

3. Haleigh

Haleigh continues to do a good job pivoting when things change in the house, being able to adapt like that is key. The only problem is that people do see it somewhat, but I think most, if not all of them, have bigger fish to fry. Should Level 6 win power, I think Rockstar or Faysal would be their targets over her, despite the fact that, in the long run, she might be the bigger threat. I  hope Haleigh and Rockstar can find a way to stick together and make it through the next few weeks unscathed.

2. Kaycee

Like Angela, I sometimes forget that Kaycee Clark is there, which is great for her game, but boring for the viewers. I think her name has come up a few times, for people who don’t feel close to her like Scottie, but I think Kaycee is pretty well insulated, and would stay against most people. I think her entire alliance is seen as a bigger threat than she is at this point.

1. Sam

Big Brother 20 Power of Veto
Finally, our former robot is in the house and in human form: Sam is not going anywhere anytime soon. She’s spent the week not on the block, so she was able to settle in a bit more, and make the social connections which are the bread and butter of Sam’s game.

Sam actually has a good read on things, like being aware that Winston is going to be more difficult to control than Swaggy, and noticing that Tyler is running things. I think for now Sam is doing just fine, I just hope she has the killer instincts down the line to take out the competition.

That’s all for this week’s Big Brother 20 power rankings! Let us know what you think?

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