Big Brother 20 Episode 7 Recap: Too Much “Swag” in the House

The newly crowned Big Brother 20 Head of Household, Kaitlyn Herman, has nominated Scottie Salton and Winston Hines to the block for elimination. She has promised Winston and Scottie that they are merely pawns, and she has no intentions on evicting either of them.

Winston is aware that the ultimate plan is to backdoor Chris “Swaggy C” WIlliams. Will Kaitlyn’s plan to backdoor Swaggy come to fruition? If so, can Swaggy use all of his “swag” to save his game? Let’s find out on tonight’s Big Brother 2018 episode.

Deals and Dealings

During the week, Kaitlyn had some fires to put out… especially after she nominated Scottie to the block without a logical explanation.  Winston was well aware of her plan to backdoor Swaggy, but Scottie was not privy to that info due to his relationship with Swaggy.

Big Brother 20 Promo

The F.O.U.T.T.E. alliance feels safe and secure this week, as Winston is a member of the Level 6 alliance.  They aren’t thrilled about Scottie being nominated, but he is supposedly just a pawn. The possibility of Swaggy being evicted couldn’t make Tyler any happier as he hasn’t been a “swag” fan from the get go.

Week 2 Power of Veto Competition

If Swaggy is one of the houseguests selected to play in this week’s POV comeptition, Kaitlyn’s plans to backdoor Swaggy will be over. If he does not participate in the POV, the door is wide open for her to follow thru with her master plan. Can Kaitlyn pull the second upset in the Big Brother house within the 7 days?  Let’s find out.

The players in this week’s POV competition are Kaitlyn as HOH, Scottie and Winston as the nominees, and Faysal Shaafat, Rachel Swindler, and Tyler Crispen as the selected houseguests. All six are ready to take on the POV competition.

Faysal is a hard core competitor, and when his close ally and current HOH, Kaitlyn, asks him to throw the POV competition, he starts to have reservations about Kaitlyn’s motives. Kaitlyn needs to be careful with her own alliance, so they do not grow suspicious of her relationship with Tyler. That could easily blow up her game quickly.

Big Brother 20 Cody and Jessica

Cody and Jessica from Big Brother 19 are back in the house to announce this week’s POV competition AND THEIR WEDDING ENGAGEMENT!!!  The POV comp is called “Big Brother Houseguests” CBS registered The houseguests must use clues from 7 former Big Brother players to properly pick their perfect date location. The houseguest that does so the quickest will win the golden power of veto.

Big Brother 20 POV Week 2

The houseguests finished with the following times:

Rachel                           5:49
Scottie                          18:20
Winston                        20:00
Tyler                              5:29
Faysal                            6:22
Kaitlyn                           13:12

Tyler won the POV with the fastest time.  He wants to use the POV and pull down Scottie. This means Kaitlyn’s plan to backdoor Swaggy is right on track…or is it?  Kaitlyn is starting to panic about nominating Swaggy to the block as he is in her alliance.  She fears that no one in the Big Brother house will trust her. She is lying to Faysal about who she will be nominating to replace Scottie as a nominee. She sells him on nominating Angela Rummans in Scottie’s place.

Crapp APP of the week

Rachel was the lowest trending houseguest this week and was awarded the Big Brother Crapp App.  For her punishment, she chose the YELL! App, and the consequence for her low trending finally began inside the house. A reviewer pops up at all times, day and night, to review Rachel’s Big Brother game only by yelling at her.  This punishment is worth taking a look at as it’s one of the funniest punishments ever.

Big Brother 20 YELL Crapp App

Week 2 Power of Veto Ceremony

Before the POV ceremony, Kaitlyn revealed too much info to Haleigh Broucher about her backdoor plans. Haleigh immediately tells the others in the F.O.U.T.T.E. alliance and panic sets in. Faysal still believes Kaitlyn that is following the original plan to evict WInston, but Angie “Rockstar” Lantry isn’t falling for it. Not before long, Kaitlyn’s guilt gets the best of her, and she finally confides to Faysal of her plans to backdoor Swaggy. As expected, Faysal feels betrayed and does not take the information well. In the end, he refuses her request for a hug and ends of conversation.

At the POV ceremony, through tears, Kaitlyn nominates Swaggy to the block for eviction once Tyler uses the POV to pull down Scottie.  Swaggy is utterly floored that he is now on the block for eviction.  The rest of F.O.U.T.T.E. reacts the same way.  Clearly none of them will ever trust Kaitlyn again. That damage is done.

Big Brother 20 POV Ceremony Week 2

Can Swaggy convince enough of the Big Brother houseguests to save him from eviction and send Winston out the door instead?

Join us again tomorrow at 8:00pm CST/9:00pm EST for the next Big Brother 20 live eviction.

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