Who’s Out on Triple Eviction Night on Big Brother All-Stars? (10/1/20)

Tonight is a night that many Big Brother fans wait for all season to happen…Triple EVICTION Night. This is when we are blessed with not two but three evictions in one drama-filled episode. With the house majority alliance (the Committee) running out of targets, things should start to heat up around the second or third eviction tonight, God willing.

Big Brother All-Stars Triple Eviction

Current Head of Household, Cody Calafiore, nominated Kevin Campbell and David Alexander to the block for eviction tonight. Cody has made it clear that he wants to see Kevin evicted tonight. So, after escaping the block four times this season, the fifth time must be the charm for Kevin to head off to the jury house. After that, let’s just hope for some of the Big Brother excitement and drama that has been missing so far this season.

Week Eight Power of Veto Ceremony Aftermath

David is worried about a target being on his back this week because he chose the $10,000 prize over fighting for his life with the POV, and well he should be concerned. Cody was certain he wanted Kevin gone, but with David’s latest bonehead move, David is now a possibility in Cody’s mind.

Dr. Will Makes a Visit

Season 2 Big Brother, Dr. Will Kirby, stopped by the house with an important message for the houseguests. He told them that when he played the BB game, he didn’t think one move ahead or even two moves ahead, but he always though three moves ahead. Also, he highly recommended they do the same and wished them good luck. Of course, he is referring to the triple eviction coming their way. He is trying to leave them a coded message about preparing for the mayhem ahead, but will the houseguests understand the message?

While talking through what Dr. Will might have meant, Memphis Garrett was the only one that seemed to catch on. He told Dani Donato that was the only thing that made sense. Dani shared the idea with Cody and then it started running through the minds of all the houseguests. They all seem to be on board with the triple eviction.

Week Eight Live Eviction Vote

Host, Julie Chen Moonves, shared with the houseguests that there will be a DOUBLE (wink, wink) eviction tonight. Kevin and David gave their last plea speeches, time to vote.

Enzo Palumbo Voted to Evict Kevin
Dani Votes to Evict Kevin
Tyler Crispen Voted to Evict Kevin
Christmas Abbott Voted to Evict Kevin
Nicole Franzel Voted to Evict Kevin
Memphis Voted to Evict Kevin

Big Brother All-Star Kevin Campbell

By a vote of 6-0, Kevin was evicted from the Big Brother house. During his exit interview with Julie, Kevin said he was surprised he had a unanimous vote to be evicted tonight. He thought he was picked to leave over David because his time was truly up.

Week Nine Head of Household Competition & Block Nominees

This competition is called It’s All About Will. The houseguests will be asked questions about Dr. Will’s appearances from the neighbor’s house. These will be true or false statements. Correct answers move onto the next round while players with incorrect answers are eliminated.

After five rounds, Memphis won his third HOH competition. Memphis nominated David and Nicole to the block for eviction.

Week Nine Power of Veto Competition & Ceremony

This competition is called Ice In Your Veins. Players must race across a balance beam and turn an ice veto puzzle into a fire veto puzzle. If they fall off their balance beam, they are eliminated immediately. The first houseguest to complete their puzzle wins the POV competition.

Big Brother All-Stars POV

Christmas won the POV competition. Although she has an alliance with Nicole, she chose not to use the veto.

Week Nine Live Eviction Vote

Well, Big Brother completely screwed up and let the houseguests see a Triple Eviction graphic on the TV. Julie ignored the shock by the houseguests and pretended as nothing happened…on with the vote.

Cody Voted to Evict David
Christmas Voted to Evict Nicole
Tyler Voted to Evict Nicole
Enzo Voted to Evict David
Dani Voted to Evict David

By a slim vote of 3-2, David was evicted from the Big Brother house. David walked out without saying a word to anyone. During his exit interview with Julie, David said very emotional about his eviction. He feels vindicated from the last time he played when he was evicted from the house on the first night. David felt like grabbing the $10,000 in the POV most likely cost him something in the game.

2nd Week Nine Head of Household Competition

This competition is called It’s All About You. Julie will ask the houseguests true or false questions about events that took place earlier in the season. If a houseguest answers the question incorrectly, they are eliminated. The last houseguest standing wins.

Big Brother All-Stars HOH

After just four rounds, Tyler won the HOH competition as the comp was down to him, Cody and Christmas. At the nominations ceremony, Tyler nominated Dani and Nicole to the block for eviction.

2nd Week Nine Power of Veto Competition & Ceremony

This POV competition will be played by Tyler, Nicole, Dani, Cody, Enzo, and Christmas. This competition is called Feet to the Fire. Players must race across their balance beam and recreate, one piece at a time, their fire veto puzzle back at their starting position. If they fall off their balance beam, they are immediately eliminated. The first houseguest to move their puzzle without falling wins the POV.

Christmas fell off her balance beam and was eliminated. Nicole took a nasty tumble and also fell off of her balance beam and is out of the competition. Tyler won the golden POV. Tyler chose not to use the POV to change his nominations.

2nd Week Nine Live Eviction Vote

Cody Voted to Evict Dani
Memphis Voted to Evict Dani
Christmas Voted to Evict Dani
Enzo Voted to Evict Dani

By a vote of 4-0, Dani was evicted from the Big Brother house. Dani didn’t hug Christmas while leaving the house. She didn’t think she played the game as well as she thought she was playing. She was the most shocked by Cody voting her out. She was very hurt by his vote. She thinks Nicole is the weakest threat inside the house right now.

Big Brother Sunday Night Episodes Moves to Monday Night For the Season

Join us again Monday, October 5 at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST for the next Head of Household competition.

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