Big Brother 24 Live Feeds: Joseph Becomes A Double Agent

On Monday, Joseph Abdin had a busy day in the Big Brother 24 house. It was already busy after the Power of Veto Ceremony led to Michael Bruner using the Veto to save Joseph, Monte Taylor, and Terrance Higgins. The latter member of that Festie Bestie trio didn’t want to come off the block. All weekend, Terrance, Daniel Durston, and Jasmine Davis worked to keep Daniel and Kyle Capener off the block. They want to take out Monte this week.

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It didn’t work. Now Daniel, Jasmine, and Terrance are now working to get Daniel the votes to stay over Kyle. Basically, they know there is a big group working together, but they constantly change the members of it. Currently, they still aren’t sure if Joseph and Kyle are in the Leftovers. 

Because there is some ambiguity with Kyle and Joseph’s game intelligence and loyalty, they have given both players their attention. With Kyle on the block, Joseph is now a key to their plan to save Daniel. Jasmine, Terrance, and Daniel spent some of the day telling Joseph way too much game information.

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They shared with Joseph that they were sure Monte, Taylor, Brittany Hoopes ,and Michael are working together. They also concluded that Matt Turner must be working with them as well, especially because he laughed during Michael’s Power of Veto Ceremony speech.

During Michael’s speech, he used Daniel’s words against him. Basically, he mimicked Daniel’s speech to Taylor about making amends with those she wronged in the house. Daniel was not excited about this speech at all. It just led to more fuel to stay in the game and take out Michael.

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This is also something Daniel shared with Joseph. He wanted to take out Michael and Monte, and he wanted that to be his mission for the remainder of his time in the game. Joseph never committed to voting out Kyle, but he gave the other side just enough to allow them to spill more information.

Jasmine and crew also told Joseph that they needed Alyssa Snider on board to get out Kyle this week. They would work on flipping her vote. In conversations with Jasmine and Terrance (separately), Daniel told them about mentioning to Kyle that Alyssa would go next. Daniel recalled that Kyle didn’t give much of a response. He just looked down.

Big Brother 24-Daniel Durston

Daniel wants to use this information to help flip Alyssa to vote out Kyle. He also wants to mention how showmances rarely go far in the game. He wants her to see Kyle as a liability more than an asset. He also wants to continue to pitch that they need to be playing the game, and that means keeping him over Kyle.

To help ensure Joseph flips on The Leftovers, Daniel also came up with a plan to frame Brittany for Joseph’s flipped vote. They would say Brittany was the one who voted out Kyle, not Joseph. Daniel would even publicly say it to put the heat on Brittany and cause tension between Michael and her. 

Big Brother 24-Joseph Abdin

If Daniel finds out there is no way to save him, he wants to leave the house in flames by calling out multiple players in his final speech. 

Later in the night, Joseph reported to The Leftovers everything that happened.  He shared everything with them, from the plan to flip Alyssa to the blaming Brittany plan. They all had a good laugh about it, and it confirmed even more that the line is now drawn in the Big Brother 24 house. Michael seemed a little shocked to learn Monte and him are the main targets for that side, but not completely surprised. 

Today, Daniel plans to continue to work on securing Joseph’s vote and start his mission to get Alyssa on his side. Joseph also warned Kyle that he needs to put in work too to convince the other side that he’s with them. This way, Kyle and him could continue to get information from that side and make sure that the majority of the house votes out Daniel this week. Joseph didn’t want a split vote because it would expose that he’s really with The Leftovers, which could put their side in even more danger if someone on the other side wins HOH on Thursday.

As a superfan, Daniel isn’t going to leave the Big Brother 24 house without a fight. This should lead to a very interesting week in the Big Brother house. 

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