Big Brother 24 Power of Veto Week 5 Ceremony Results (08/08/22)

Big Brother 24 continues to surprise. It’s been three weeks of blindside Power of Veto Ceremonies and had a few blindsides on eviction night. As a Big Brother fan, I love the theatrics of a good ol’ blindside. However, I also know that blindsides only last so long. This may be our last chance to enjoy it, especially with the jury part of the game possibly starting next week.

Big Brother 24 Power of Veto Ceremony

The Big Brother 24 Power of Veto Ceremony blindsides may stop because you want to anger too many people if you’re trying to win the game. This is the last week we could have gotten it, but we likely won’t get it. Head of Household and Veto hold Michael Bruner waited until this morning to let Terrance Higgins and Jasmine Davis know that he plans to use the Power of Veto to take down Joseph Abdin, Monte Taylor, and Terrance to nominate Kyle Capener and Daniel Durston instead. 

Daniel is the target. The other side wanted Michael to keep the nominations the same to take out Monte this week, instead of Daniel. After the Power of Veto Ceremony, Michael suspected that the other side was all working together. It wasn’t the right time to flip on The Leftovers. This would put him in a bad position with both sides of the house.

Going into the Veto Ceremony, all the players but Daniel, know that he’s going on the block this week. Daniel is trying to fight for his Big Brother life, so he’s calmed down from his eviction night antics. This means that he probably won’t give an explosive reaction to being nominated. He’ll take it as fuel to try to flip the house on evicting Kyle this week.



Michael and Brittany used the Veto to remove Joseph, Terrance, and Monte from the block. He named Daniel and Kyle as their replacement. 

We’ll see how this week goes, but at the moment, Daniel leaves the game one week before the jury starts.

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