Big Brother 23 Episode 21 Recap: Is Derek X The Backdoor Plan?

Week seven in the Big Brother 23 house has brought us, Sarah Beth Steagall, as the first female houseguest nominated to be Head of Household. She has had to deal with the latest twist in the game, the High Roller Room. She initially nominated Derek Frazier and Claire Rehhfuss to the block, but they were just nominated as pawns.

SB’s real target was Derek Xiao, but she needed to wait for the new twist to play out. After Alyssa Lopez was the only houseguest to play and win the Chopping Block Roulette, Big D was taken off the block. A random spin of the roulette wheel put Xavier Prather in his place. Who will win the POV tonight, and will SB be able to carry out her plan to backdoor Derek X.?

Week Seven Chopping Block Roulette Aftermath

After Alyssa put her closest ally on the block for eviction, she was in tears over this debacle. Alyssa doesn’t know that her ally is in an alliance called the Cookout that is essentially running the Big Brother house. They will do whatever it takes to make sure Xavier is off the block and replaced with Derek X.

Claire had a conversation with SB in the HOH room. She was assured by SB she was not the target this week. After some good detective skills, Claire suspected strongly that SB was looking to backdoor Derek X. She shared this info with Derek X., and he wants to speak to SB to see where her head is in the game right now.

Derek X. made a visit to the HOH room. He asked SB if she had any plans on how she wanted to use POV, if at all. SB is not stupid, and she did not let on to any info to Derek X. He knows at this point he must play in the POV and win.

Week Seven Power of Veto Competition

SB, Xavier, and Claire will automatically be playing in the POV. In addition, Azah Awasum, Derek F., and Alyssa will be playing in this week’s competition. Derek X. knows he is in big trouble now. He is kicking himself for not playing in the Chopping Block Roulette when he had the opportunity.

This competition is called Domino Effect. The players must use oversized dominos and place them in a matter to follow a path to the endpoint after being knocked down. There are two paths to choose from, one with punishments and one with rewards. The houseguest to knock down their dominos in the fastest time wins this competition.

Only Big D went after the prizes and therefore won that portion by default. Xavier won the golden power of veto having the fastest time. His punishments are BB bankruptcy, Strategy Shutdown, and he will become a third nominee at the next available opportunity.

Week Seven Power of Veto Ceremony

At the POV meeting, Xavier used the POV to take himself off the block. SB nominated Derek X. in his place. This week, either Claire or Derek X. will be going to the jury house to join Britini.

Join us tomorrow, August 26th at 8/7c, for the live eviction vote.

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