Big Brother 23 Week 7 Alliance Update: The Cookout Remains In Control But Could Trouble Be Ahead?

We are into the seventh week inside the Big Brother 23 house, and the Cookout seems to be clearly in control. Although the current Head of Household, Sarah Beth Steagall, is not a member of the alliance, she is an ally with one of its members. Kyland Young is definitely SB’s ride-or-die, and he has been able to essentially extend his HOH from last week.

With the latest twist playing out in its second week in the Big Brother game, that is making things a bit more difficult for Cookout to keep their members off the block. However, any challenge the group faces to stay together and protect their members seems to be just a temporary obstacle that is quickly squashed.

Where Does The Big Brother 23 House Stand Now?

So let’s recap where things stand in the Big Brother house as of right now. SB is HOH. She initially nominated Claire Rehfuss and Derek Frazier to the block for eviction. These nominations were merely pawns, and she wanted to back door a bigger threat this week.

SB needed to wait for the High Roller’s twist to play out to find out how that was going to affect the block nominations. SB wanted to make sure the Chopping Block Roulette was played this week and not available next week. She solicited Alyssa Lopez to play the game although Alyssa already had plans to play for herself.

This was created by @89RazorSkate20 just prior to Britini D’Angelo’s eviction

Once Alyssa won the Chopping Block Roulette, she took Big D off the block and waited for fate to pick his replacement nominee. With the worst-case scenario playing out for Alyssa, her closest ally in the game, Xavier Prather, was picked to join the block.

Again, as fate would have it again, Xavier won the Power of Veto and took himself off the block. This was a big relief to the Cookout alliance as X is an integral part of that alliance (along with Kyland, Big D, Hannah Chaddha, Tiffany Mitchell, and Azah Awasum).

SB was now in a power position to backdoor a big threat in the Big Brother 23 game. After great consideration with her closest ally, Kyland, she nominated Derek Xiao to the block as the final replacement nominee.

This was a great move for the Cookout because now none of their members are in jeopardy of going home this week, and a power player is on the block. Derek X. can still campaign to save himself against Claire, and we all know these things are never set in stone until the live vote on Thursday.

A New Four Person Alliance In The Big Brother House

Just today on the Big Brother live feeds, a new four-person alliance took shape. The foursome does not have an official name yet, but they are looking towards getting to the end game together.

Kyland was speaking with Sarah Beth, Alyssa, and Xavier in the HOH room. He said that Derek X and Claire trying to flip the vote last week made it clear the four of them needed to work together. Alyssa piped in that she wanted to use the remainder of Sarah Beth’s HOH to get info out of Tiffany about her targets in the Big Brother house. Kyland and X said there is no way she would do that with Claire (her closest ally) on the block this week.

The newly formed group also debated about bring Big D into their new alliance. In the end, they agreed to make him a member of the group without telling him he was included. They felt this was best to protect their game. They think that he will look back after the Big Brother game is over and be thankful.

Final Recap For Week Seven

So, Derek X is the target for eviction, but he will not go down without a fight. Claire needs to bring her A-game to the Big Brother 23 house to ensure she stays put.

The Cookout alliance is still going strong especially now they don’t have any of their members on the block for eviction this week.

This new alliance with Kyland Alyssa, Sarah Beth, and Xavier could make things very interesting as things progress in the game. Only two of those members are in the Cookout, and that could create a conflict for those guys. Where will their loyalty lie moving forward? Will they stay true to the Cookout or their new alliance? Only time will tell.

Join us again next week for another update and recap on Big Brother alliances.

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