Big Brother Episode 19 Recap: Is The Cookout Still Cooking?

Sarah Beth Steagall won her first Head of Household competition meaning that her ride-or-die, Kyland Young, has control in the Big Brother 23 house for the second week in a row. This also means that the Cookout alliance remains in control as the house majority alliance. Their plans are coming together perfectly, or are they?

Tonight, SB will make her (or Kyland’s) nominations to the block for eviction this week. The latest twist inside the Big Brother house, the High Roller’s room, will also be in play this evening. The stakes couldn’t be higher for those looking to be targeted by the Cookout this week. The rewards in the High Roller’s room could be a game saver.

Week Seven Head of Household Competition Aftermath

As expected, Kyland was the first to celebrate with SB for her HOH win. Props to SB for being the first female to win the HOH competition in Big Brother 23.

Derek Frazier, a member of the Cookout alliance, is a bit concerned that a direct member of their alliance didn’t win the HOH competition. Tiffany Mitchell shared his concerns with Azah Awasum with SB taking control of the house. They are not aware of how much control Kyland has over SB, however.

Derek Xiao was concerned that SB may nominate or even target him for eviction this week because he had nominated her during his HOH week recently.

The houseguests may have a way off the block this week with the High Roller’s twist. The Chopping Block Roulette will be in play with BB Bucks. In this game, the winner can take a nomination off the block and the replacement will be decided randomly. The winner of the competition is also safe for the week.

SB made her rounds speaking with all the houseguests before making her block nominations. She wanted to make sure that the Chopping Block Roulette was used this week, so it is not available next week when she can’t be HOH.

Claire Rehfuss and Derek X had a conversation about potential alliances in the Big Brother house. They named every member of the Cookout and talked about how they all seem to be working together.

Week Seven Block Nomination Ceremony

At the nomination ceremony, SB nominated Big D and Claire, the same nominations as last week under Kyland’s HOH. SB wants to use Claire and Big D as pawns this week and backdoor a bigger threat to her game. Her final target will be dependent on how the Chopping Block Roulette ends up playing out.

Week Two High Roller’s Room

This week, America voted and the houseguests were awarded BB Bucks as follows. Claire, Derek X. and Big D won 100 BB Bucks. Alyssa Lopez, Hannah Chaddha, and Xavier Prather won 75 BB Bucks. Finally, Azah, Kyland, SB, and Tiffany won just 50 BB Bucks.

Alyssa chose to play in the Chopping Block Roulette, a game of balance and skill. This game required the players to stand on a large roulette wheel and use their bodies to roll a roulette ball around the table.

The goal is to move the ball around the wheel as many times as possible before the two-minute clock expires. The winner will have the highest score based on how many times the ball went around the wheel.

Alyssa won the Chopping Block Roulette, and she was the only houseguest to play. Alyssa promised SB that she was going to play for her, even though she was really playing to benefit her game.

Alyssa chose to take Big D off the block this week, and he is safe. Xavier was the randomly chosen player to take Big D’s place on the nomination block. Alyssa is completely sick over this as Xavier is her closest ally in the Big Brother house.

After tonight’s additions from America’s vote and the deductions for Chopping Block Roulette, the current totals of BB Bucks for each houseguest are as follows. Derek X has 200 BB Bucks, Hannah, Xavier, and Big D have 150 BB Bucks, Azah and Claire have 100 BB Bucks, Tiffany has 75 BB Bucks, SB and Kyland have 50 BB Bucks, and Alyssa has 0.

Join us again Wednesday, August 25th at 8/7c for the Power of Veto competition.

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