Big Brother 23 Eviction Predictions: Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Derek X?

Big Brother 23 fans, we have finally reached that time when a major fan favorite will be leaving the game. The week started off with such promise, Sarah Beth Steagall discussed targeting Alyssa Lopez and Xavier Prather, but then the week reached its inevitable conclusion: Derek Xiao on the block as the main target. A mixture of bad luck and trusting the wrong people led to Derek X on the block. This Big Brother 23 week could be the end of Derek X’s game, but can he pull one last trick out of his hat?

Big Brother 23 Claire Rehfuss and Derek Xiao

Claire Rehfuss being on the block next to Derek X is his best-case scenario this week to possibly stay in the house. If he was sitting next to any Cookout member, Derek X would for sure be leaving this week. Claire also benefits from sitting next to Derek X on the block, because she would go home next to any Cookout member and may even go home next to Alyssa or Sarah Beth. With Derek X on the block, she has a good chance of staying–with him being a known fan favorite, having $200 BB Bucks, and a competitive threat. 

Derek X on the block seems like an easy decision to many: get him out. He has so much that makes him a dangerous player, including being incredibly likable. However, the Cookout women, specifically Tiffany Mitchell, see that it helps their game greatly to keep Derek X. He would be an ally in their corner and could actually win things to keep them safe. He’s also always a threat ahead of them.

Tiffany has been working behind the scenes to try to keep Derek X in the game, and at some point this week, almost all of the Cookout members have switched their votes in favor of keeping Derek X. However, Derek X couldn’t get key players to vote in his favor, specifically Derek Fraiser and Xavier. Keeping Derek X is one of those things that all the Cookout members have to agree to or it will divide, if not destroy, them.

Derek Xiao on Big Brother 23

Unfortunately, Derek X fans, at the moment, Derek X will be leaving the Big Brother 23 game. Now there is always a chance for a jury battle back, a small chance with COVID still going strong, but a chance nonetheless. There is also still a few hours before eviction, and with Xavier in solitary confinement still, Derek X could still possibly find the four votes he needs to stay over Claire. If you’re a Claire fan, then your girl will likely make it another week in the Big Brother 23 house, but she needs to win some competition soon because she could be next to go very soon.

Who do you think will leave this Big Brother 23 week?

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