CBS Big Brother Cites Orlando Tragedy For Cast Reveal Delay

Late on Sunday night, CBS Big Brother suddenly announced they would be delaying the season 18 cast reveal, moving it from Monday morning to Tuesday afternoon. At the time, no reason was given for the abrupt change in timeline. On Monday, shortly before the original Big Brother 18 cast reveal was originally start happening, CBS released a follow up statement citing the horrific Orlando shootings tragedy for the delay.

Big Brother Orlando Shootings

The Big Brother 2016 cast reveal scheduled for Monday was promoted heavily by CBS for weeks to the press and fans. News that the event would be bumped until Tuesday came as something of a shock, especially to press and fan sites prepared to cover the cast unveiling. Many fans were also upset by the news of a delay as they had already paid to sign up for the Live Feeds. Some even stated on Twitter and Facebook they had taken the day off work to be on hand for the event.

Delaying the event was a huge deal, and we couldn’t help but wonder if it might have something to do with the horrific Orlando shootings this past weekend. We wondered if perhaps one of the Big Brother 18 Houseguests might have had a family member or friend who was a victim in the tragedy. Or perhaps CBS had decided they just didn’t want to have a big day of excited self-promotion for Big Brother after such a terrible tragedy. So we weren’t surprised when CBS announced Monday that the massacre in Orlando was the reason behind the delay.

Big Brother Orlando Tragedy

The new Houseguests photos, bios and first interviews will now be released on Tuesday at 1PM PT/4PM ET. Big Brother Access will, of course, be live blogging the event for the fans here on the site, on Facebook, and on Twitter. After the big reveal, we’ll follow up with in depth profiles on each of the new cast members throughout the week.

Stay tuned, and don’t let the hate win.


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