Who Was Evicted on Big Brother Last Night? 9/07/17

Tonight is the day Big Brother fans anticipate with glee, and houseguests fear and regret: we have reached our second Big Brother 19 double eviction. By the end of the hour, two houseguests will walk out those doors and into the jury house. Maybe completely fine with the results, maybe not at all.

Big Brother 19 Cast Pics

Depending on this week’s outcome, we could see a bitter juror joining the other evicted Big Brother 19 houseguests. The current Big Brother 19 plan is to evict Jason Dent. Paul Abrahamian and his minions have made sure to keep Jason and his closest ally, Alex Ow, completely in the dark going into the eviction.

So far, they have succeeded. Jason has no clue that the Big Brother 19 house has plotted all week to evict him over Kevin Schlehuber. Additionally, Alex has no clue that she is the next person on the chopping block. If everything goes according to the Misfits’ plan, Jason leaves at the start of the night, followed by Alex.

However, Alex has a lot of competitive prowess. We could easily see her ruining the plan, as Mark Jansen did last Big Brother 19 double eviction, by winning either the Power of Veto or the Head of Household competition.

Then who leaves really depends on how the rest of the night unfolds.

So did everything go according to plan? Read below to find out the two players who were evicted this Big Brother 19 week.



Big Brother 19 Jason Dent and Paul Abrahamian

Josh and Raven voted out Jason, and Paul and Alex voted out Kevin. It came down to a tie vote. Christmas cast the deciding vote against Jason. Jason Dent was the first person evicted during the double eviction. The next eviction coming soon.

Big Brother 19 Raven Walton

Raven Walton was the second person evicted during tonight’s Big Brother 19 double eviction.

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