Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Double Eviction Results (09-07-17)

Tonight is the most intense Big Brother 19 episode yet. Last double eviction kind of came and went without much damage. Cody Nickson predictably left the Big Brother game, followed by Elena Davies. It was all according to Paul Abrahamian’s Big Brother 19 plan. This double eviction might go a little differently.

Big Brother 19 Julie Chen and Cast

Paul has been playing with fire this week. He wants to have everything without really compromising for other players. His my way or no way attitude has made players like Josh Martinez question his true allegiance.

If everything goes according to plan, Paul will escape this week blood free. However, he doesn’t realize that all his dirty deeds may come out in the Big Brother 19 jury house.

Once they do, Paul just might be setting himself up for a bitter jury. So how did everything play out during this week’s Big Brother 19 double eviction read below to find out?



Eviction #1

Alex voted to evict Kevin

Raven voted to evict Jason

Paul voted to evict Kevin

Josh voted to evict Jason.

It was a two to two tie. Christmas cast the deciding vote. Kevin and Jason were both shocked when the heard the tie vote.

Christmas cast the final vote to evict Jason Dent. We definitely have a bitter jury vote coming from Jason, especially when Josh confirmed that Paul thought of the plan, and then Paul tried to lie about it.

Head of Household

Big Brother 19 Week 11 Power of Veto Competition

This week’s Big Brother 19 HOH involved answering questions about headlines based on Big Brother 19 facts. The person to get the most facts right wins.

Round #1-Everyone gets it right.

Round #2-Kevin, Alex, and Raven get a point

Round #3-Everyone gets it right.

Round #4- Everyone but Kevin gets it right.

Round #5- Only Alex and Josh get a point. Alex takes the lead.

Round #6- Everyone gets it right.

Round #7-Everyone but Kevin gets it right.

Alex wins this week’s Head of Household


Alex nominates Raven and Kevin.

Power of Veto Competition

Big Brother 19 Week 11 Power of Veto Competition

This double eviction Power of Veto competition involved housseguests trying to search for limes in a ball pit. They then had to get four inside their tub.

Josh and Alex were the frst ones to get a lime in their tub. Christmas then got one in there. Alex then got her second as Raven got one. Alex then got her third lime. Christmas then got her second one, followed by Josh and Raven with two. Paul finally got one lime. Raven and Josh then tied with Alex.

It became a three way tie between them. Josh finally got his final lime. He won the Power of Veto. We expect Josh to keep the nominations the same.

It is looking like Raven Walton will become the second evictee.

Power of Veto Ceremony

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez

Josh gives a speech about being a Misfit without a team. He decides not to use the veto. The second live eviction coming up next.

Eviction #2

Paul votes to evict Raven.

Christmas votes to evict Raven.

Josh votes to evict Kevin.

Raven is evicted by a 2 to 1 vote.

Host Julie Chen ended the night by announcing that Big Brother 20 returns in the summer. However, this winter, there will be a celebrity edition! WHAT!

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