Big Brother 19 Week 10 Power Ranking–Is Christmas in the Best Position This Week?

With another Big Brother 19 double eviction on the horizon, the shifting dynamics are going to play a crucial role in Thursday’s developments and the weeks ahead. We’re really getting down to the end as Big Brother 19 houseguests’ positions start to solidify.

Big Brother 19-Christmas Abbott

Everyone must watch out, because if the wrong person wins the Head of Household or Power of Veto competition, then they could end up being the next one to go. And quite a few of them won’t even see it coming.

This week’s Big Brother power rankings goes as followed…

7. Jason – Jason Dent is going home on Thursday and he still seems to have no idea. It will be interesting to see how it plays out on the live show and the reactions, especially Alex Ow and Kevin Schlehuber‘s responses. The current plan is for it to be a tiebreaker broken by Christmas Abbott. This makes the outcome more dramatic but will the blame be laid at her feet or Paul Abrahamian‘s feet? Really, there’s not much more Jason can do to save himself, especially since he doesn’t know it’s coming. Josh Martinez is broken up about this, so if he does give him a warning, maybe something can shift at the last minute.

6. Alex – If Alex doesn’t win a competition during the double eviction, she’s probably toast. Christmas and Josh want her out badly, and with good reason, she’s the only person who can really compete with the two of them and Paul. With Kevin and Raven Walton there, it should be pretty much a cakewalk. That being said, there are concerns that Paul may not want to pull the trigger on her. If he has to, things could get interesting. But really, she just needs to win something on Thursday night and not react super emotionally about Jason’s eviction to have a chance at survival. It’s unfortunate we won’t get the full fallout if she goes right after he does.

5. Kevin – Kevin is checked out of the Big Brother 19 game, and it’s clear. Maybe Jason going will get him reinvigorated, but he doesn’t seem to want to be there anymore. Can you blame him? He spends quite a lot of his time alone, since many of them are ignoring him. He’s not really done much to get into this spot, nor has he done much to get himself out of it. He’s mostly a sitting duck at this point, and will only be able to prevent his eventual eviction if he wins something or people wake up to what’s actually going on in the game.

Big Brother 19 Christmas Abbott and Kevin Schlehuber

4. Raven – Raven is sort of the peripheral fourth of Josh, Christmas, and Paul. But none of them can stand her. She’s being kept around mostly because Raven is not a threat and Paul can control her. It’s only a matter of time before he decides that he can control Raven more than he can Josh or Christmas. I’m just hoping it doesn’t happen when he can do something about it, because I don’t think anyone wants to see Raven in the endgame at this point.

3. Josh – Finally, Josh has expressed major doubt in Paul this week. The problem is he keeps harping on it to Christmas, who doesn’t care or want to hear it. He should probably keep his doubts to himself and only act when he has the power or numbers to do so. And maybe that would be next week after the double. I think Josh is probably fine to throw the double eviction Head of Household, let someone else get the blood on their hands, and then try for the following competition. Maybe then Josh can get Christmas to see that taking out Paul is way more adventageous than taking out Kevin or Raven. But he needs to stay quiet for the time being, because he’s only pissing Christmas off with his doubt.

2. Paul – Paul is still running the show. Yawn. He’s only below Christmas because I don’t think anyone would take a shot at her. If Josh has the power to do something, or something goes awry in the plan to take out Alex, perhaps Paul could be in a bit of a compromising position. Josh is seeing what he’s doing, and Christmas sees it (but doesn’t want to) so he’s not completely clean in this game.  As Paul has to start getting more blood on his hands, it’s going to catch up with him one way or another. I think this jury is going to be more angry with him than he anticipates.

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamiann and Christmas Abbott

1. Christmas – The current Head of Household has done a great job kind of avoiding the blame for this week. That said, it could change when Christmas has to send Jason out in a tiebreaker. But if she can turn it around into taking credit for it or putting the blame on someone else, maybe it will work out for her. Even if Alex gets a chance to exact revenge, I don’t think they’d send Christmas home, who still can’t really compete, over Josh or Paul, who are seen as bigger players and threats in this game. She is getting healthier every day but she still won’t be in top form when it comes down to these late state competitions for power.

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