Big Brother 25 Week 2 Head of Household (08/11/23) Results

Big Brother 25-Julie Chen

Big Brother 25 decides to end this week’s eviction episode with a cliffhanger. The final images of the night shows the house completely empty. Host Julie Chen-Moonves also teases that a never before twist will be unleashed on the house this week. We know this twist has something to do with the Scaryverse but nothing else. The Big Brother 25 episode ends without a Head of Household being crowned.

However, we know that in order for Big Brother to keep its schedule, a HOH has to be crowned by the end of Thursday night. The houseguests’ disappearance likely ties into this week’s twist and/or the Head of Household competition. Big Brother likely tells the houseguest to move to another room for the HOH competition. 

If not the HOH, then the start of this week’s twist, which likely takes place in the Nether Realm. This week’s episode even starts with a mention of that place, so we can assume it comes into play this week. Julie didn’t specify when the feeds would return so we weren’t sure if they would late tonight or during the usual schedule. However, we did suspect they would return to reveal the latest twist or the latest HOH or both.

 The house has been divided all week, so this HOH is important for both sides of the game. Each side needs it to keep their side in control. So who actually won the Head of Household? Read below to find out.



Hisam won the Head of Household!

Hisam will obviously target the other side that includes Reilly. He has spoken previously about Reilly and Cameron being his main target. He wanted to possibly backdoor one of them. We shall see what nominations he settles on today.

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