Who Was Evicted Tonight on Big Brother 25? (08/10/23)

Tonight on Big Brother 25, the first live eviction is expected to take place. Felicia Canon and Kirsten Elwin are on the block for eviction tonight. HOH Reilly Smedley has made it clear that Kirsten is her target, and Felicia is simply in place as a pawn. Kirsten has played the game too fast and too hard for Reilly’s liking.

Big Brother 25 Kirsten Elwin

Hisam Goueli won the Power of Veto competition, and he decided to keep the nominations the same, so Kirsten and Felicia remained on the block. The first live eviction for the houseguests will happen tonight unless the untimely departure of Luke Valentine disrupts the plan. Let’s find out tonight.

Big Brother 25 Alliances Exposed

The 8-person alliance, called Family Style, which was formed by the younger players in the Big Brother 25 house, has become very obvious to those that were not included in the alliance. Hisam and Felicia, in particular, are aware of the newly formed alliance. Hisam is tired of younger players underestimating the older adults playing Big Brother.

As a result, the other seven houseguests formed an alliance to go up against Family Style. This alliance includes Hisam, Felicia, Izzy Gleicher, Cirie Fields, Bowie Jane, Mecole Hayes, and Red Utley. Cirie is perfectly fine with Hisam taking the lead with the alliance and sitting back and watching this all play out. They have named their alliance the Professors, and they claim that they will “take the kids to school.”

The professors alliance

Red visited Reilly in the HOH room and called out every single person in their Family Style alliance. Reilly denied it and tried to say that those were just people she hung out with. With that turn of events, the alliance is now considering targeting Felicia and bringing Kirsten into their alliance. Reilly knows Kirsten would be indebted to her if she were to save her game.

Big Brother Removes Houseguest

Luke and a few other houseguests were in a Big Brother bedroom talking about how unfairly Kirsten had been attacked so early in the game. Luke made a flippant comment about speaking with Kirsten and added a racial slur to the end of his sentence. He immediately realized his mistake and tried to cover it up, but the damage was done. It was too late.

Luke made the comment in front of Hisam, Jared Fields, and Cory Wurtenberger. Luke was surprised that Cory was more upset than Jared when the statement was made. Luke admitted to Jared right away that he was in trouble. He knew what he said was wrong, and there would be a price to pay.

Luke was called to the diary room. Soon thereafter, Reilly gathered the houseguests and read them a statement from CBS. That statement read, “Houseguests, due to violating the Big Brother code of conduct by using a racial slur, Luke has been removed from the house and will no longer be participating in the Big Brother game. The game goes on, and the live vote and eviction will continue as scheduled.”

Reaction after Luke Valentine was evicted from the BB25 house.

Cory told the group about the conversation and what was said by Luke. Cory tried to say that Luke did not purposely make a derogatory comment about anyone, but Jared made it a point to say that type of ignorance can no longer be tolerated. Great point, Jared!

Big Brother 25 Week One Eviction Vote

Hisam Goueli voted to evict Kirsten
Jag Bains voted to evict Kirsten
Izzy Gleicher voted to evict Kirsten
Cameron Hardin voted to evict Kirsten
Matt Klotz voted to evict Kirsten
Blue Kim voted to evict Kirsten
America Lopez voted to evict Kirsten
Mecole Hayes voted to evict Kirsten
Cirie Fields voted to evict Kirsten
Bowie Jane voted to evict Kirsten
Cory Wurtenberger voted the evict Kirsten
Red Utley voted to evict Kirsten
Jared Fields voted to evict Kirsten

BB25 houseguests

By a unanimous vote of 13-0, Kirsten was evicted from the Big Brother 25 house. During her interview with host Julie Chen Moonves, Kirsten admitted she was very surprised with the unanimous vote by her fellow houseguests. Everyone told her that they were not going to vote for her eviction. She felt most betrayed by Cirie. Julie told Kirsten about the secret relationship between Jared and Cirie, and she was shocked.

Kirsten also said that right before the eviction, Jared told some houseguests that his family called him J Bleezy. One of the houseguests said that was the name of one of Miss Cirie’s sons. Kirsten did not think the house had put that information together yet, but Jared needs to check himself before he is outed by more houseguests.

There was no HOH competition on tonight’s episode. Head over to the live feeds to watch the houseguests. Join us again Sunday, August 13th at 8 PM for week two HOH results and much more.


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