Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 34: Nick and Bella Become UnGr8ful

Prior to the week 4 Big Brother 21 Veto ceremony, a few players tried to reason with Cliff Hogg III and make him see that this idea (nominating Isabella Wang) will just hand the game to Jack Matthews. Sam Smith said the least Cliff could do was force Christie Murphy to use her power, to flush it out of the Big Brother 21 game. By letting Christie keep her power, the Six Shooters had a really big advantage. Sam was the first of the trio to know that things wouldn’t be going their way this week, and then he told Bella, and then Cliff told Nick Maccarone. Right before the Veto Ceremony, Nick was in an emotional spiral and even tried to plead with Jack to not completely isolate him. Eventually, it led to a breakdown by Nick because he really cared about Bella and didn’t want to see her leave, nor did he want to go 60 plus more days in jury without her.

Nick also realized just how the numbers were stacked against Sam and him. The only hope they had for survival was if one of them wins Head of Household and Veto next week. Both also mentioned plans to nominate Tommy Bracco and Christie if they won Head of Household competition.

At the beginning of the day, Tommy and Analyse Talavera declared that they were done with Nick, and they would stop talking to him and being fake around him. They heard from Christie that Nick was going around pitching that Cliff should lie to Christie to get her to not use her power, and then nominate one of the six instead of Bella. Jack, Christie, Analyse, and Tommy also discussed replacing Nick and Bella with Kathryn Dunn and Cliff in Gr8ful.

Nick was frustrated most of the day, about the situation, about Bella leaving, and about trusting the wrong people. He also thought that Jack was the Paul Abrahamian of the season. He was convinced that if they didn’t get Jack out this week, then he would win the game. Nick didn’t want to sit in jury and watch Jack win Big Brother 21.

Nick and Bella try to come up with a plan to get Holly and Jackson to vote with them. They propose that they tell Holly and Jackson that they can get out Jack and then blame the vote on Kat and Jess. They also want to lie about already having Jess’s vote on their side.

It got back around to Sam that his name was being thrown around as part of Nick’s plan to get Christie to not use her power. He was upset that his association with Nick and Bella was hurting his game so much. He confronted Nick about whether Nick really said he came up with the plan as well (the plan to try to trick Christie into not using her power so they could backdoor a Six Shooter member). Nick denied saying it, and he said that Kat was probably the source of this rumor. Sam then confronted Kat, who then said she couldn’t remember exactly what was said. Sam wanted Nick to publicly declare that he had nothing to do with Nick’s plan, so he threatened to call a house meeting.

A little later, he finally had it. It started off with Sam trying to get to the bottom of whether Nick mentioned his name. It then turned into Jackson Michie and others telling Nick to not give up in the game. He needed to have the right attitude and faith in himself. It ended with hugs, not torches. However, Nick mentioned how he had told Kat his real plan, basically putting a small target on her. She got mad and made sure to say that she was trustworthy during the meeting, and then spoke to Tommy about Nick calling her out.

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