Big Brother 17: Power of Veto and Zingbot Returns! 8/26/2015

On Big Brother 2015 tonight, the Houseguests will battle it out in a fierce Power of Veto Competition before the final eviction nominees for the week are named. We’ll also have the return of Zingbot, who has some very pointed zingers to share with the players, including a special one for Austin all about that girlfriend he left behind back home.

Zingbot returns on Big Brother 17 (CBS)

We hope to see Johnny Mac with a featured spot on Big Brother tonight, because he’s been a busy bee stirring up trouble in the house to try to save his skin this week. Steve has also been riling things up, although perhaps not as intentionally, but we might not see much about that until Thursday, if we do at all. CBS just can’t shove all the good stuff into only three hours a week, which is why we thank goodness for the Big Brother Live Feeds!

We had to wait a torturously long time on Sunday to find out who won the Power of Veto on the Live Feeds, likely due to the hot weather down in Los Angeles. The poor girl who played Zingbot in season 14 passed out from the heat, so we’re sure CBS wanted to avoid a repeat of that. As a result, the PoV wasn’t played until quite late in the evening, and the Live Feeds were down for a very long time. We did finally get the Big Brother spoilers on the winner though, if you want to take a peek at the results in advance.

On CBS Big Brother tonight, after the Power of Veto Competition is over, TV viewers will likely get a taste of the crazy back and forth over the final nominations, and who the end target for eviction this week will be. Austin in particular keeps going around and around so much that we’re surprised his head hasn’t flown off yet. The arguments over who is going to get the boot on Thursday night will no doubt spill over into tomorrow night’s show as well. Frankly, we have a headache from the endless roller coaster of everyone waffling about it!

The fun and drama kicks off tonight on CBS at 8 PM ET, and we can’t wait to hear exactly what Zingbot had to say about all our Big Brother 17 houseguests! We only wish we could get zingers for everyone who has already left as well!

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