Big Brother 21 Week Four Alliance Updates: The Outsiders Aim and Miss the Six Shooters

Not very often in the game of Big Brother is a houseguest able to come back into the house after being sent packing more than once, like Victor ArroyoCliff Hogg III amazed Big Brother 21 fans this week when he beat out David Alexander, Kemi Fakunle, and Ovi Kabir in Camp Comeback to re-enter the house. To top it off, he won the Head of Household competition and nominated Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie for eviction. Finally, just maybe, the Gr8ful/Und9able/Six Shooters would take a hit…or maybe not!

Big Brother 21
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After Nick Maccarone was blindsided last week, during the eviction vote, things were not so happy go lucky in the house majority alliance. Nick, Isabella Wang, and Sam Smith had no idea the Six Shooters planned to switch the vote to Cliff rather than the planned vote to evict Nicole Anthony. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Gr8ful/Und9able, but the Six Shooters were as strong as ever with Jack, Michie, Christie Murphy, Tommy Bracco, Holly Allen, and Analyse Talavera leading the way.

Surprisingly, Boss Hogg worked his magic, won the Camp Comeback competition and then won the HOH. He made a bold game move and nominated two of the more powerful players in the house, the “Jacks.” All was well in the Big Brother 21 world until Cliff crumbled to the “cool kids.” Cliff made a deal with the Six Shooters to save Christie from using her Diamond Power of Veto and to nominate their new arch nemesis, Isabella. Win, win for the Six Shooters. Supposedly in return, Jack promised Cliff safety in the weeks to come.

Big Brother 21
Cliff Plans with Christie, Jack, and Jackson

Bella is pretty much a goner as the Six Shooters still have the house majority when it comes time to vote. Kathryn Dunn is not officially a member of the Six Shooters, but she is playing in their favor as is Cliff. Once again, the house majority alliance will dictate this week’s vote unless the skies part sometime this week.

If Cliff ends up selling his soul completely to the “other side,” that doesn’t leave much on”this side” of the house to work with. Sam or Nick would most likely be the targets next week unless they win HOH and POV (don’t forget Christie still has her Diamond POV to use). That leaves Nicole and Jessica Milagros to fend for themselves. If the game continues in the manner it has all season, they would be the next two targets for eviction. Both have already spent time on the block and in the hot seat.

So, there we are with the Big Brother 21 alliances. The Six Shooters remain at the helm, and just when you thought they would start to crack, the new sheriff in town forgot how to make big moves in the game of Big Brother.

Big Brother 21

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