Big Brother 21 Episode 12 Recap: A New Power In The House

Camp Comeback is officially over inside the Big Brother 21 house, and Cliff Hogg III won his way back into the game. The 54 year-old engineer shocked not only the houseguests with his win, but also his fellow campers who were evicted from the Big Brother game. We said farewell to David Alexander, Kemi Fakunle, and Ovi Kabir for good. Cliff was the last member to enter Camp Comeback when he evicted during the last live episode in a blindside vote.

Big Brother 21 Cliff Hogg III

The blindside took place under the reign of former Head of Household Nick Maccarone. The blindside occurred when the majority of his alliance voted to evict Cliff over the target Nicole Anthony. We have yet to see how that drama unfolded in the Big Brother 21 house when Nick and Isabella Wang confront their alliance, Und9able/Gr8ful about the vote.

Week Four Eviction Vote Fallout

Nick feels betrayed and disgusted by his own alliance’s actions with the vote flip. Sam Smith was never informed about the vote flip, and he thinks that he looks like an idiot at this point in the game. The core alliance tries to convince Nick that they tried to tell him ahead of time but couldn’t. Relations between Nick/Bella and the group are not great going into the HOH competition. A few are worried about Bella winning the HOH comp and targeting them for eviction this week.

On the other side of the house, Jackson Michie is taking full credit for saving Nicole’s game. None the wiser, Nicole seems to be buying what Michie is selling, at the moment. Michie also tries to smooth over things with Cliff now that he’s back in the game, but Cliff knows better than to fall for his lies.

Big Brother 21

Bella insists that Und9able doesn’t exist at this point in the game. Little does she know that the core 6 have already formed an alliance called the Six Shooters that doesn’t include Bella, Nick and Sam. Is Bella smart enough to catch on?

Week Four HOH Competition

This week’s HOH comp couldn’t be more important for the Big Brother 21 house as Und9able is starting to crack. This HOH comp is called Patch Perfect. The houseguests must answer questions about camp patches they see before them. At least two houseguests will be eliminated each round either by giving the wrong answer or by answering in the slowest time. Game on!

Big Brother 21 HOH

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Cliff outsmarts Jack Matthews in the last round to win the HOH competition. Cliff has come back from banishment, eviction, and is now the newest HOH. Way to go Cliff! Finally, we have a power shift inside the Big Brother 21 house. As stated by Cliff, “There’s a new Sheriff in the Big Brother house and it’s Cliff Hogg, or you can just call me Boss.” Fans of the Dukes of Hazzard will love that quote from Cliff.

Week Four HOH Fallout

Cliff’s first round of business is to let Nicole know that she is safe this week. She was on the block with Cliff just last week. He wants to keep his distance from her, but he also wanted her to know she has no worries.

Cliff talks to Nicole, Kathryn Dunn, and Jessica Milagros and guarantees them all safety. He wants the four of them to stay close and turn this house upside down. He knows the six that voted to evict him just yesterday.

In order to save the Six Shooters from going on the block they week, they hatch a plan and propose to Cliff. Michie offers to go on the block if Cliff also nominates Bella. Christie Murphy confides to Cliff that she has the Diamond Power of Veto. The two Six Shooters do their best to sway Cliff from nominating any of their own alliance.

Week Four Block Nominations

At the Nominations Ceremony, Cliff nominated Jack and Michie to the block for eviction this week. Michie was expecting to be on the block but was surprised that he’s sitting next to Jack. Let the games begin.

Join us again Wednesday, July 24 at 9 PM EST/ 8PM CST for the Power of Veto competition.

Big Brother 21

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