Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 32: To Activate the Diamond Power of Veto or Not?

The Big Brother 21 Week 4 Power of Veto competition was the main subject of yesterday’s Live Feeds. Nominees Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews were especially anxious to compete in it it, and hopefully win safety. Other players were also worried about the Veto outcome. Christie Murphy was one of the non-Veto players most invested in the competitions. Depending on who won it, she would need to make a big decision about her Whacktivity power.

On Friday, Christie told others that she didn’t like how Jackson was pressuring her into using it, but she wanted Jack to stay in the game. If Jack or one of his allies won it, she had no plans to use it, because he would be safe. She was okay with letting Jackson get evicted. Once the Veto results came in, Christie needed to decide what was best for her game.

As is the Christie way, she had a bunch of different conversations to try to navigate her decision about the power. She talked to Jack, who reassured her that it was okay if she didn’t use to save him this week. She need to do the best thing for her game. She told him that she did want to use it and save him, but she was worried she didn’t have the votes to save him over Isabella Wang. She thought Nicole Anthony wouldn’t vote with that side because she would only be a seventh member in that group.

The showmances would always make each other a priority over anyone else. With the Cliff Hogg III team, her odds were better. Christie told Jack that if she could be sure that Kathryn Dunn would vote with them, then she would be more sure about using her power. She later talked to Cliff about it, and he tried his best not to pressure her anyway. He even told Christie that if she wanted, he would let her pick between putting up Holly Allen or Analyse Talavera as the replacement nominee. He promised not to nominate Tommy Bracco or her this week.

He even mentioned that maybe he would even consider nominating Bella, but he really wanted Jack gone. Jackson didn’t help the situation by continuing to try to pressure Christie into activating her power. He wanted to get his hero moment by using his Veto to save himself and to nominate Bella. At the end of their conversation, Cliff proposed a deal that if Christie could get Jack to agree to not target him for a few weeks, then he would nominate Bella, letting Christie keep her power. She immediately ran to Jack to tell him the good news.

Despite Cliff’s proposal, he spoke to Nick earlier in the day about actually lying to the six, claiming he would say he would backdoor Bella but then nominate Tommy or Holly.

Earlier in the day, Jessica Milagros and Bella had some miscommunication that led to more distrust of Bella, and it hurt the possibility of Cliff trying to form this new super group that included Kat, Nicole, Jess, himself, Sam Smith, and Nick Maccarone. The entire day wasn’t a good one for Bella and Nick as they started to feel the pressure of being isolated and a target. Bella even  had a breakdown from everything going on.

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