Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 33: Cliff’s Big Decision

Another Big Brother 21 day and another day of agony, at least for the two most power houseguests (at the moment). Head of Household Cliff Hogg wanted a simple week where his main target went home, and really went home, not to Camp Comeback. However, self-proclaimed Big Brother hero Jackson Michie won the Power of Veto. This screwed up a lot of people’s plans, hopes, dreams, and game future.

Now that Jackson is coming off the block, Cliff must figure out who to nominate next to Jack Matthews to ensure that he goes home, or he must take the loss and accept a new target: Isabella Wang.

On Saturday, Christie Murphy couldn’t decide whether to use her Diamond Power of Veto activation power on Jackson, or to just let Cliff make the decisions this week, and risk losing one of her close allies. She thought everything was resolved when Cliff proposed that he let her keep her power and nominate Bella in exchange for at least two weeks of safety from the Six Shooters. However, things weren’t that simple. Cliff wasn’t sure if he should really honor that deal.

He talked to his ride-or-die Nicole Anthony to try to figure out what was the best plan for them. He needed to know Jessica Milagros, Kathryn Dunn, and her vote plans. Getting Jack out depended on if he had all their votes if Bella was on the block next to Jack. Nicole said that Jessica and her would vote out Jack over Bella, but she couldn’t say the same for Kat.

Later Kat basically confirmed what Cliff feared. She said if she voted out Jack over Bella then she would lose her connection with the six, especially Jackson and Analyse Talavera. She also just didn’t generally like Bella or want to be associated with her in the game. Christie made sure to keep mentioning about Bella’s “dirty” game play to keep everyone anti-Bella.

Sam Smith tried to talk some sense into Christie by telling her how stupid it would be to use the power to save Jack. Jack was all of their biggest game threat, and there wouldn’t be many other chances to get him out. Additionally, why use your power on someone else when you can use it to save yourself? Nick Maccarone also planned to try to get Christie to not use her power, and he talked to Cliff about not listening to Christie. He wanted the plan to keep Jack to go as planned.

Nick made things worse for himself when he had a conversation with Analyse. He told her about the Flamin Five, an alliance Christie, Tommy Bracco, Sam, Nick, and Bella made. Nick also mentioned that it was made because Christie wanted Jack out of the game. Once Analyse got all this information, she told Tommy and Christie. They defended themselves and said Jack already knew about it, but Tommy was annoyed and now wanted Nick’s head on a silver platter. The Six Shooters still seemed to agree that Bella and Sam needed to go before Nick, but he was third in line.

Later, Christie, Analyse, and Holly talked about Nicole, and Analyse wanted her out maybe even sooner than Nick. Holly told some people that she was really starting to like Jackson. Meanwhile, Jackson was considering ending things with her because she regretted them having sex on the Live Feeds. He didn’t want to be someone’s regret.

At one point, Christie made the decision not to use her power, but then paranoia hit her again. It will really come down to last minute decisions if she uses her power and if Cliff just backdoors Bella.

Much later, Cliff and Christie talked once again and seemed to have decided to not use the power and backdoor Bella.

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