Big Brother 20 Week 6 Power Ranking-The Nut Stays on Top

Big Brother 20 week six in the house is coming to a close, and it’s been full of drama, blindsides, and twists. The Hacker Competition threw a wrench into Level 6’s plans, especially Tyler Crispen. He recovered quick but other players may not be as luck this Big Brother 2018 week.

Big Brother 20 Bayleigh Dayton and Haleigh Broucher

The Hacker competition will play a major role in the next two evictions. If used wisely, it could help a player go far in this game. If used incorrectly, it could lower their power ranking, and possibly make them the next big target. Let’s dive into this week’s Big Brother 20 Power Rankings, and see if the Hacker comp hurt or helped anyone’s game.

11. Bayleigh

Big Brother 20 Bayleigh Dayton

Despite the fact that Bayleigh Dayton was suspected of being the Hacker this week, her actions last week have really caught up with her. She winded up on the block as the backdoor target because of the knowledge of her power, the suspicion that Bayleigh was the Hacker, and her power trip last week. It’s not impossible that she pulls the votes to stay but it’s unlikely. Unfortunately Bayleigh should have kept her cards a little more hidden.

10. Faysal

I’m still shocked that Faysal Shafaat is the only FOUTTE member not to be nominated yet. But I think his time is running short, and anyone besides Haleigh Broucher and the surviving member of Angie “Rockstar” Lantry and Bayleigh would probably nominate him next week. I have a feeling he’d be the target since they don’t see Haleigh as a competition threat. Faysal has been lucky to be relatively safe so far but he needs what is left of his side to win power if he wants to stay safe. Not to mention the fact that he could still go home when an ally is HOH if the Hacker shakes things up.

09. Scottie

Big Brother 20 Scottie Salton

It seems that Scottie Salton flipped allegiances this week, but he’s incredibly foolish to think he’s sitting in a good spot now. I guess Scottie is just playing the game and it might be good for the short term to switch sides, but as it stands now, he’s playing for seventh place, and he remains disposable to almost all the houseguests.

08. Rockstar

Rockstar goes up and down every week, and while she’s on the block, her attitude with the punishment this week has actually been good. People have been enjoying Rockstar’s food and she hasn’t been complaining much about it all either. If she can keep calm for the rest of the week, she’ll probably stay, and she could wind up being the last FOUTTE member standing since she’s not seen as a threat. Rockstar’s biggest challenge continues to be socializing with the other side of the house.

07. Brett

Big Brother 20 Bret Robinson

Brett Robinson could slide in there and maybe be a lesser target than Tyler and Angela Rummans, but he’s still on the forefront of a lot of their minds. He’s a physical threat even though he’s won nothing. The fact that several of the houseguests have voted Brett out twice now, really makes it hard for them to justify not nominating him. I think Brett is likely the next scapegoat for Level 6, if it’s not Sam Bledsoe or JC Mounduix. But he’s moving up a bit, and depending on where the power goes, he could be sitting prettier than he has been in a while.

06. Haleigh

Haleigh covered her tracks well this week and most of them did not suspect her of being the Hacker, until she told them, but the fact of the matter is that she’s losing an ally this week, and the numbers for her side are dwindling, especially with Scottie flipping on them. Haleigh tried to make a big move but it just didn’t stick. The bottom line is that they need to win Head of Household and Hacker next week to make sure that they can take a stab at the other side. It feels like something needs to break her way at some point, but it just keeps not happening.

05. JC

BB jc mounduix

It seems like JC name is getting tossed around a little more and his attitude grates on people but he’s done good work with a lot of the houseguests, and really his ace in the hole is Faysal and how much control he really has over him. I think his own side of things could be willing to ditch him pretty easily but if any of FOUTTE remnants get HOH, I don’t think he’d be a target for them. Perhaps Scottie would go after him, but it’s hard to say where he really stands.

04. Sam

While many of them have voiced being irritated with Sam, nobody is going to waste a week on her right now. Even Haleigh who probably has the most justification to go after Sam probably realizes there are bigger targets I think her Hacker nomination makes this clear). If she was on the block at the end of a week coming up, Sam. could easily go home, but I’m just not sure anyone is going to let their HOH go that way at this point. The line is already drawn so thick.

03. Tyler

Big Brother 20 Tyler Crispen

People are noticing that is getting cockier, and he’s being a bit of a dick to Bayleigh on her way out. Not a wise move to a juror, but oh well. I think his nomination this week may raise some eyebrows. His allies were quick to jump to his defense but they’d be morons to not see what a threat Tyler really is in this game. Here’s to hoping they wise up sooner than later.

02. Angela

Angela played her HOH week pretty well. I think she would be a target for Bayleigh but that might be it? She’s made herself known as a competition threat, though that was somewhat known previously. I do think there are often going to be bigger fish to fry. But things can change quickly in the house and her time could be up sooner than we expect.

01. Kaycee

Big Brother 20 Kaycee Clark

I hate to give it to Kaycee because she does nothing really, but she’s still in the best spot in there. Everyone likes Kaycee and she’s not really done anything to piss anyone off. That’s a good recipe to get to the end and get the votes. So there’s that.

And that wraps up yet another edition of the Big Brother 20 power rankings. Do you agree with our assessment, or do you have different thoughts about where everyone stands? Be sure to follow us at @BigBroAccess for continued coverage of the episodes and live feeds.

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