Big Brother 21 Episode 7 Recap: Can Kemi or Jess Save Their Game?

Head of Household Jack Matthews is clearly in control inside the Big Brother 21 house. Not only did he win the latest Whacktivity competition, his alliance Gr8ful is enjoying their second week on top as the house majority. After they along with Isabella Wang, Kemi Fakunle and Jessica Milagros, are on the block for eviction this week.

Big Brother 21 POV

Do Kemi and Jessica have the ability to save one of their games by winning the Power of Veto competition? With Gr8ful ruling the Big Brother 21 house, would any other houseguest use the POV to save them from the block? Jack seems set on evicting one of the former all-girls alliance members, so using the POV may cause some friction with Jack and his alliance members.

Week 2 Block Nomination Fallout

To try and save face, Bella immediately ran to Nicole Anthony and explained that she only told Jack about the Black Widow alliance to save her and Nicole from being nominated for eviction next week. Bella insisted that Nicole trust her and her reasoning about spilling the info to Jack. Nicole doesn’t seem to be buying it though.

Big Brother 21 Nicole Anthony and Isabella Wang

Kemi tried to mend fences with Jack, for the sake of her Big Brother 21 game only. Jack and Kemi hug it out at the end of the conversation. Behind close doors, Kemi vows to get revenge on HOH Jack.

Meanwhile, Nicole goes to Jessica to let her in on the fact that Bella was the one that told Jack about the Black Widows. Jess is on fire for Bella throwing her and Kemi under the bus. Revenge is a dish best served cold, never forget.

Camp Comeback member David Alexander gave his behind the scenes impression of all the deals in the Big Brother 21 house.  He has completely pegged the Gr8ful alliance. He even has realized that Sam Smith doesn’t have an alliance at this point but helps with the house majority. He has also noticed Jess, Nicole, and Cliff Hogg III are pretty clueless in the house. David seems very keen on quietly paying attention to every little detail, especially when it involves the houseguests.

Week 2 Power of Veto Competition

As always, HOH Jack and block nominees Kemi and Jess automatically participate in the POV comp. The randomly chosen houseguests for this week’s POV are Bella, Jackson Michie, and Sam. Jess actually picked Michie as houseguest choice because she thinks that he will save her from the block.

The doorbell rings and in walks Big Brother 20 houseguest Tyler Crispen. He will be hosting the POV competition this week. This comp is called Froggy Style, and here’s how it works: The players must race against one another to collect poisonous frogs from Big Brother Lake, but they can only collect one frog at a time to bring back to their stacking stump.

Players must also keep water in their aqua clock to continue collecting frogs. If their water level is low, they must stop collecting frogs and collect water to refill their clocks. If their aqua clocks run dry, the number of frogs collected and stacked at point will be their final score.

The time limit for this comp is 30 minutes. The player with the most stacked frogs at the end of the 30 minutes wins the golden POV. In addition, this POV win includes a trip for two to Fiji thanks to CBS promoting the new show Love Island.

Big Brother 21 Sam Smith

Sam wins the POV with a score of 18 and the trip for two to Fiji.

Week 2 Power of Veto Ceremony

Prior to the POV ceremony, Sam has now become the popular man in the Big Brother 21 house. Of course, Jess and Kemi approach Sam to use the POV to save them from the block. He is fond of Kemi and wouldn’t mind saving her from eviction. In the end though, he must decide what to do based on what is best for his Big Brother game.

After hearing news that while in the Big Brother 21 house, his grandfather suddenly passed away, Sam is now more than ever committed to making the best decision for his game. Sam decided NOT to use the POV to save Kemi or Jessica from eviction. Either Kemi or Jess will be evicted during the live show tomorrow evening.

Join us again tomorrow evening, Thursday, July 11th at 9 PM EST/ 8 PM CST for the Big Brother 21 live eviction.

Big Brother 21

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