Big Brother All-Stars Weekly Alliance Update: House Majority Rules Again

We have slid into week four inside the Big Brother All-Star house, and not many changes have occurred with the alliances. The biggest news to report this week is the loss of Big Brother legend Janelle Pierzina. She was evicted from the house under the tutelage of Head of Household Tyler Crispen. His alliance, the house majority, had their sights on Janelle and made sure the legend was sent packing at their first opportunity to pounce.

Big Brother All-Stars Alliances Week 4
Photo Courtesy of @89RazorSkate20

That left Janelle’s ride-or-die, Kaysar Ridha, in the Big Brother house by himself without any alliance or allies for protection. This week’s HOH, Enzo Palumbo, wants to finish off the legendary duo by nominating Kaysar to the block again for eviction. Kaysar has two options to pursue that will keep in the Big Brother house for another week.

Kaysar’s best opportunity to stay inside the Big Brother house for another week is by winning the golden Power of Veto. If Kaysar won the competition, his game would come off life support, but he would probably be living on borrowed time. Most of the house seems to want him out the door with Janelle.

If Kaysar doesn’t win the POV competition this week, he needs to work those houseguests better than he has ever worked a group inside the Big Brother house before. Important to note that this is the first time Kaysar has been left in the game without his ride-or-die partner, Janelle. He wasn’t afraid to admit to her before her eviction that he would feel like a fish out of water inside the Big Brother house without her as an ally. Time for Kaysar to step it up and figure out a way to stay in the game!

The other outsider in the house is David Alexander. Although David has made some friends with the guys in the Big Brother house, none of them really seem to trust David as far as they can throw him…and that’s not very far. Tyler was especially upset with him when he almost blew up Tyler’s game because he wasn’t able to keep his mouth shut to Da’Vonne Rogers.

Once he blabbed to Day and made her mad, he made matters even worse for himself by taking all that info back to Tyler. He pissed off Tyler and ruined any trust Day and Bayleigh Dayton may have had for him at that point in the game. Needless to say, David is no Big Brother All-Star. He has a lot to learn about the game before he can be thrown into the lion’s den. He’s only kept in the house now as an easy vote for the alliances to manipulate.

Big Brother All-Stars David Alexander

With Enzo’s Head of Household win this week, the Slick Six are in control. Three of the Slick Six members are also in the six person alliance called the Committee, Tyler, Cody Calafiore, and Dani Donato. Those three are only keeping up with the Slick Six alliance to keep a close eye on Day. Enzo isn’t officially a member of the Committee, but his final two and ride-or-die, Cody, is a member of that alliance. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Enzo brought into the Committee before too long.

As of now, no one is really playing Big Brother all that hard. They are taking easy shots, and they are afraid to ruffle too many feathers. With an All-Star cast, most of us diehard Big Brother fans want to see these guys get some blood on their hands. That type of gameplay isn’t happening just yet, but hopefully, once someone wins HOH and aims at the house majority, things will start to heat up in there.

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