Big Brother Spoilers: Liz’s Snoozefest HoH and X-Rated Shenanigans!

Oh my gaaaaaaaaaaawd-uh! Liz is Head of Househooooold-uh! This is going to be a very long weeeeeeek-uh! How will we get through it? I don’t knoooooooooow-uh!

Liz wins Head of Household (CBS)

Yes, it has been a long week in the Big Brother 17 house, and we all know that when a week in the Big Brother house feels long, it is because it has been a total and complete snoozefest!

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

After last week’s “shocking” double elimination, which saw the ousting of both Shelli and Jackie, Liz emerged victorious in the second Head of Household competition of the night. Liz’s victory put the now defunct Sixth Sense allies back in power for the first time since shedding Clelli from their alliance. After being told that they could not use Freaks and Geeks due to copyright issues, the remaining members of Sixth Sense (plus Steve) came up with the totally not ridiculous alliance name Scamper Squad.

Sitting pretty and in power, the Austwins sect of the Scamper Squad (Austin, Julia & Liz) decided that their best move was to enter into alliances with everyone remaining in the house. You know, the same exact thing that ended Clelli’s games and has made Vanessa the #1 target of most people in the house? Yea, that. Who knows? Maybe it will work out better for them since it seems to take people weeks to figure out what is actually going on in that house.

Prior to the elimination show Thursday night, Vanessa and Austin got into a little tiff because Vanessa was in her typical bossy game-talk mode prior to the double eviction. Feeling tired of having his loyalty questioned and being told what to do, Austin had had enough! This means he was prime and ready to hear all about Vanessa’s shenanigans all over the house.

As the allies of Vanessa, it was pretty obvious early on that Becky would be the target, but she did make a good opening effort to attempt to stay in the house. She went up to the HOH room to speak with the Austwins and let them know everything that happened the week that Austin was to be backdoored. Part of the Fruity Pebbled reveal included the fact that Vanessa was okay with James throwing the Battle of the Block.

Becky states her case to the Austwins.
Becky states her case.

While Julia realized that Austin would be the target for the backdoor that week, she had no clue that Vanessa was in on the plan to force James to throw the BoB. Of course, throwing the BoB put JuLiz in danger as that was the last week they needed to survive. If something would have gone wrong with the plan, and people would have decided that maybe it is NOT such a great idea to have twins in the house, they could have been evicted. Sadly for us Luckily for them, Liz managed to beat Clay and Becky without much help from James, and the rest is BB17 history…

Armed with this new information, the Austwins decided that they wanted Vanessa out of the house!!! …As long as, they are not the ones to do it, of course.

Their first plan was to keep Becky in the house and let her go after Vanessa. Their logic was that if Becky is still there, Vanessa will always target her and Becky would always target Vanessa. Eventually, they decided that it would be better for John to go after Vanessa. As of now, both Julia and Austin plan to throw the next Head of Household.

Once the Power of Veto (OTEV) was played and Liz won, Becky’s fate was sealed. Her only hope to further her Big Brother game is to win the competition to get back into the house for a second chance.

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