Big Brother Spoilers: Liz’s Snoozefest HoH and X-Rated Shenanigans!

With the nominations and eviction set in stone, the feeds have been relatively drama free and, given the personalities we have left to work with, uninteresting. There has been the requisite weekly emotional attention-seeking “breakdown” from Vanessa, with her stating that she is lonely and misses Mel. There has been Steve talking to the cameras, sharing his “real game” with us; sorry John fans, Steve thinks it is “cute” that John believes that they actually have a Final 2 together.

There have been X-rated shenanigans going on between Austin and Liz in the HOH bedroom; research that at your own risk! There was a Big Brother version of Chopped, which was the most entertaining thing about the week. Becky and John spent one last night together under the stars. And, Meg and James are as much in the dark as they have ever been, especially now that the last remotely perceptive ally they had, Jackie, has been evicted.

With so little going on this week, maybe we can muse some about the “buyback.”

This may be the one time where the person who returns to the house is not automatically evicted again. Becky, Shelli and Jackie all have allies in the house that could benefit from having them as a number.

For Shelli, she does not want to work with Vanessa any longer, but she could work with John and Steve if they are still there. If James is out, she may even try to work with Meg. Meg would accept her because she would have no other choice unless she really believes that going forward with the Austwins is smart. Of course, that is possible given that we are talking about Meg, here, and she rather play with “friends.” Strategizing is simply not her strong suit.

For Jackie, she would reunite JJM once more (provided James has not been evicted), giving them back a much needed number. At that point, John, if still there, could also use a group to sink into because there is no way that he thinks that going the distance with the Austwins is smart… Right? Joining forces with his Not Final 2 ally, that group could finally take out the Austwins.

For Becky, the road would be pretty tough for her since she has opted not to apologize to Meg and James for being a rat during James’ last HOH reign. She does not seem to realize that that is the biggest issue between her and that duo and that is why she has been frozen out. Her best chance may be if Vanessa is still in the house and people decide that she would be good to take Vanessa out. If John is still there, she would at least have one number on her side.

If Vanessa is actually evicted next week as “planned,” if she won the buyback, she would be the one that the entire house would band together to oust, once more. Steve would probably be the only one who would want to keep her, but he would not have the power to save her unless he wins HOH and refuses to put her up, which could kill his game.

As of right now, it appears that the Austwins will be safe yet another week and it may be smart to play it that way. If someone takes a swipe at them next week, Liz would be the likely target and Liz has proven to be able to win competitions against this lot of competitors. If Liz is evicted, and comes right back into the house, they will be right back at square one.

Of course, the smart thing would have been to get out the twins once the house realized that they were in existence to avoid this problem. Sadly, “smarts” have been running at a deficit almost all season. People actually stated they WANTED the twins to come in, theorizing that it would prevent a buyback (no clue why they thought that given that this is the longest Big Brother season ever) and stating that they just wanted to see them both in there. For why?

The most reasonable, logical and strategical reason for wanting the twins in the house was if you were actually allies with them because they would give you more numbers. For people who were not in an alliance with them, their desire to simply “see double” is the worst form of Big Brothering ever. It is no wonder that they are now in the position to control the vote each week and control 3 of the jury votes. Oops?

What do you think? Can you believe how far the twins have been allowed to get? Will this be the year that the “buyback” actually pans out for the returning houseguest, or will they be ousted as soon as possible? Let us know!

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